Raymond Crotty – a hero of democracy

Article in today’s Irish Independent.

We owe vote to this man

By Mary Cody
Thursday June 12 2008

The actions of a Kilkenny man secured the right for three million Irish citizens to vote on behalf of 500 million Europeans in today’s Lisbon Treaty referendum.

Ireland is the only country in the EU where citizens are being allowed to vote on the adoption, or not, of the Lisbon Treaty European Constitution.

Raymond Crotty’s daughter Mary, and her sister Ann, who has returned from South Africa where she works as a journalist to campaign for a ‘No’ Vote, explained the pivotal action which their father took and which could now impact on the shape and direction Europe takes in the future.

“The French and Dutch, who were given an opportunity to vote on the European Constitution, voted against it. They are not being given an opportunity to vote on the Lisbon Treaty,” she said.

“We are being afforded this right, not because our government has secured it for us, but because our father, Raymond Crotty, took the Irish government to court back in 1986.

“The Supreme Court ruled in that case that in the event of any major change within the EU that impacted upon Ireland’s constitution, the government would be obliged to get approval for that change from the Irish people.

“The implications of the current treaty are so wide-ranging that lawyers who worked on our dad’s case believe that, if it is implemented, it will be our last EU-related referendum.”

13 thoughts on “Raymond Crotty – a hero of democracy”

  1. He was indeed a hero, and you’re doing a great with this site. Thanks for your dedication.

  2. Looking back now he was thats for sure, hopefully it will be a no vote today, I think Bully boy Cowen will need to stuff the ballot boxes on this one to get it through.

    Just saw Euronews has a elderly gentleman telling the cameras his reason for voting No ” Don’t ever try to bully the Irish ” that was the best comment of the campaign as far i can see Mr Cowen and those bully boys in France would want to take note.

  3. If Raymond Crotty was such a lover of democracy why did say nothing about the IRA and all it’s evil offshoots; or why did he not devote all his energies on separating church and state?

    The will of the majority of nearly 500 million Europeans as expressed by their democratically elected national and local politicians, cast aside to allow a vainglorious and confused tiny minority flex it’s usually flaccid democratic muscle – you think this is right?

    Please get real!

    Reality doesn’t smell of roses; it is more like fresh air.


  4. To my knowledge Raymond Crotty didn’t campaign for the rights of women, the rights of Travelers, equal pay or democracy in Tibet – Life is short.

    He did successfully challenge an Irish political system that has no scruples about lying to and manipulating Irish citizens, that has no scruples about illegally rigging elections, that has no scruples about breaking the law and colluding with others in breaking the law that has no scruples about tolerating ethical standards that would put to shame the government of any self respecting banana republic.

  5. And this is precisely why a more integrated, federal EU is not just good, but necessary for Ireland. Now, of course, because of all the clever NO voters, our politicians, religious nutters, corrupt businessmen and civil servants can carry on just as before.

    Ain’t life sweet, NOT! (as Borat’s Irish American cultural protocol coach likes to say).

  6. Congratulations morons. I hope you are happy now. Seeing as you are all so smart why don’t you Volunteer your services to explain your grievances on the treaty and re-negotiate and see how far you get.
    No side did a fantastic job of scare mongering and raising issues that aren’t in the treaty at all.

  7. Awwwww bless don’t you just love a sore loser 🙂 🙂 🙂 Welcome to real Democracy Brian.


  8. gearoid dullagns! Michael Crotty had the capability to see very far ahead into the Irish future & Irish Constitution!!
    Something lacking in todays Ireland. Ireland was a very different place than the Eire of today, back in 1986. Sometimes you have to let time pass to solve current difficulties. Fortunately, with proper perpective & virtuous patience Ireland as we know it today has progressed immensely.
    I bet your life ain’t to uncomfortable. Life might be short but their is no need to rush.

    Further-more,do you think you would have vision of such capacity. Your ancestors in 1986, would have on been contemporaries of Mr.Crotty’ The law wouls not have been passesin 1986 un-less it had good sound grounding. Maybe you should be grateful for such a man thinking for the youth of ireland of his day.

  9. It truly amazing how this truly crass race of irish species are wont to include the 500 million voters whom they say were left down by our democratic rights; this is only scare mongering by the yes idiots. The other 500 mill were refused their constitutional rights to vote no, because lisbon was ratified by their own governments against their will and democratic rights. These are Real tangible facts which demonstrate clearly that its the yes idiots who are the main enemies of democracy against these people, and not the other way around.. .

    Wake up and educate yourselves, or you’ll end up voting the rest of into slavery of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

    The Irish Proletariat…slave to tyranny

    Patrick Walsh

  10. Thank you Raymond Crotty.

    One bad apple

    European Commission President José Manuel Barroso said the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty must continue. That was the view echoed by the majority of speakers from the main parties.

    However, that call was roundly condemned by the UK Independence Party. Its leader Nigel Farrage said it was a disgusting insult to democracy.

    There has been much talk from MEPs that the Irish No vote should be respected. But what they fail to realize, is that it must be accepted.

    The European Parliament today backed calls from the Commission and the Council of Ministers for the ratification process to continue in other member states.

    However, that call was roundly condemned by the UK Independence Party. Its leader Nigel Farrage said it was a disgusting insult to democracy.

    Today the Irish Dail will debate for five hours the reasons for the failure of the Lisbon Treaty. The politicians will have a great time today at that “dog and pony show” as they pummel each other with verbosity.

    But listen up now lads.

    There are many small reasons why the treaty failed but only one main reason. You can add clarifications and stipulations, on taxation and consignation, till the cows come home. But this treaty will never pass till you address the democratization of the organization. Because that is the rotten apple in the barrel.

    What part of “NO” don’t they understand?

  11. all the european treaties are forgery, that i inscribe 177 times in france, may 2005 (1), few in dec 2007 and feb 2008, and 130 times in jan 2009 = 177. crazy documents angains our right.

  12. Raymond Crotty what a pity our stupid politicians did not heed you. You must be spinning in your grave to see even your most dire predictions were not only ignored but were exceeded by those megalomaniacs in Brussels. We are no longer a sovereign nation. You were right! Now we are well and truly bollixed!

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