Senator Norris – Defending the corrupt status quo

I see Senator Davin Norris launched his campaign for President on the Marian Finucane Show last Saturday.

My respect for this politician has dropped considerably since his hypocritical defence of that very expensive but useless institution – Seanad Eireann.

Indeed, the Senate can be seen as a symbol for all that is corrupt about our body politic. Totally ineffective, very expensive and stuffed with self important politicians who have more in common with the aristocracy of pre-revolutionary France than with the duties of running a functional democracy.

Senator Norris tells us that he likes (the chancer) Bertie but that he damaged himself by applying for artist’s exemption for his book and by the way he handled his lotto win.

Apparently, Norris has no problems with Ahern’s very dodgy evidence to the tribunal or his low grade leadership which resulted in the destruction of the country.

In fact Senator Norris thinks that the political system in this country is just fine, that it’s the people who are wrong.

People are begrudgers…they want blood on a wall, a head on a plate and guts in the bucket.

Yes, Senator, that’s exactly what we want and the fact that you cannot understand the legitimacy and passion of that desire puts you in the camp of those who are defending the corrupt status quo.

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Senator Norris

3 thoughts on “Senator Norris – Defending the corrupt status quo”

  1. Do these people live in a plastic bubble or something?

    Yes! It’s funded from the plastic bag levy:-)

  2. Don’t know Mr. Sheridan but he certainly seems to have a chip on his shoulder. The note that he put up and was kind enough to send me consisted entirely of vulgar abuse and misrepresentation. Anybody who wants to know the truth should consult my website and have a look at some of the things I have said. I have also acted positively in creating amendments which will help to ensure a thousand jobs in the Waterford area and spoken positively about ways in which the economy can be improved. I make no apologies for this or anything else I have said unless I am shown to have been completely wrong which hasn’t happened in this case.
    David Norris

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