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Enda Kenny: Uno duce; una voce

Enda Kenny’s adoption of the criminal Haughey’s dictum Uno duce, una voce puts the final nail in the coffin of his so-called democratic revolution. Expressing an opinion in public is now, apparently, forbidden by ‘the great leader’. His assertion that … Continue reading

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Regina Doherty: Just another cowardly, self-serving, gombeen politician?

Fine Gael TD Regina Doherty represents all that is depressing about Irish politics. Here’s some things she had to say during a recent radio discussion (Newstalk, Sunday 23 Feb). On Michael Noonan’s disgraceful and dishonest attempt to blame Fianna Fail … Continue reading

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Fine Gael: Betrayal and ignorance

Enda pointedly sought out the hand of his Justice Minister to hoist in solidarity. Earlier, in a lull as the countdown to the live coverage took place, the audience launched into an impromptu three cheers for Mr Shatter (Irish Independent). … Continue reading

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Fionnan Sheahan: Roisin Shortall is a frustrated, disappointed, petulant politician who foolishly put herself out in the cold on the unimportant matter of standing by her principles

An article on Minister Shortall’s resignation by journalist Fionnan Sheahan in today’s Irish Independent could have been written by James Reilly himself. The title of the article gives the first hint that Sheahan is not impressed with Ms. Shortall’s decision … Continue reading

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Shorthall resignation: Is it a glimmer of hope for Irish citizens?

Well done to Roisin Shortall. An Irish government minister resigning on a point of principle is a very rare event indeed. Betrayed Irish citizens can only hope it’s the first glimmer of a change in the corrupt, gombeen culture of … Continue reading

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Battle for INM reaches end game

It looks like the battle for control of Independent news and media (INM) is reaching its end game. This morning an anonymous buyer bought 13 million shares in the group. RTE business editor, David Murphy, said the buyer couldn’t be … Continue reading

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Ireland: The land of never ending inquiries

Letter in today’s Irish Times Sir, For 15 years we listened to politicians refuse to comment on those under investigation by the Mahon tribunal on the grounds that such comment could undermine the work of the tribunal. Now, after Fine … Continue reading

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Fine Gael/Fianna Fail – No difference

Letter in today’s Irish Examiner. A legitimate cause for concern for both Enda Kenny and Fine Gael Fine Gael’s failure to understand why scenes of Enda Kenny being glad handled in Denis O’Brien’s company are a legitimate cause of concern … Continue reading

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Gombeen clones set to perpetuate rotten system well into the future

Fine Gael Minister of State Alan Kelly, responding to the Mahon Tribunal Report on a recent Frontline programme (26th March), put down a marker on how Ireland is to be governed in the future. Well Pat we can never ever, … Continue reading

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Minister Hogan joins the revolution?

When I read that Environment Minister Phil Hogan was refusing to pay service charges on his Portugal holiday penthouse I thought – it’s obviously an April Fools story. But apparently the story is true. Would you pay a charge if … Continue reading

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