Joe Duffy is dishonest and untrustworthy

By Anthony Sheridan

In an article supportive of RTE and Ryan Tubridy, an extremely naïve Fintan O’Toole tells us that the broadcaster can be trusted and suggests that when RTE repairs the damage, Tubridy can return to his job.

O’Toole tells us:

[RTE] makes mistakes and misjudgements – but they are failures of performance, not of intent.

Liveline presenter Joe Duffy gives the lie to that naïve statement.  On yesterday’s show [June 26] the following question regarding his contract was put to him by a caller.

You have the same agent [as Tubridy], your signature goes on it, your agents signature goes on it, who signs off on it for RTE?

Duffy waffled and waffled, continuously cutting in on the caller’s attempts to get an answer.  In the end Duffy succeeded in his dishonesty, the question was not answered.

This was not, as O’Toole tells us, a failure of performance rather than intent.  Duffy deliberately barracked and interrupted the caller until he successfully avoided answering the question.

Like Tubridy, Duffy is not a broadcaster that can be trusted.  He dissembled when asked to tell the truth, he insulted the intelligence of the caller and listeners. He is, in a word, a typically dishonest RTE presenter, the station is full of them.

Tubridy’s response to the scandal was naïve to the point of idiocy.  He blamed RTE, complained that he had been taken off air for a week and looked forward to resuming his job very soon.  This is the mindset of a man living in a bubble of delusion. 

Joe Duffy lives in the same bubble of delusion and dishonesty and Fintan O’Toole thinks that, in time, all will be well in the cesspit of lies, arrogance and dishonesty, that is RTE.

This idiocy, delusion and dishonesty paints an accurate picture of the state of Ireland’s establishment media.

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