Fingal County Council: Ignoring the law-breaking of the political class?


In my previous article regarding the illegal erection of posters by Fine Gael candidate Stephanie Regan I said:

Sad to say but politicians are justified in their contempt for the law because not one of my complaints has ever resulted in action being taken against a member of the political class.

And so it is in this case. Once again a so-called state law enforcement agency has turned a blind eye to law breaking by a member of the political class.

Before publishing the disgraceful decision by Fingal County Council I want to outline the stark facts of this case.

The case was published on a national online newspaper complete with photographs of the illegal posters. To my knowledge the law-breaker, Stephanie Regan did not dispute any of the facts in the report.

She openly admitted that she was the person who erected the illegal posters.

She openly admitted that she knew her actions were against the law.

So, after investigating the matter, here’s the conclusion of Fingal County Council.

Dear Sir,

I refer to your email dated 24th January 2016 in relation to the above matter.

This matter was investigated at the time and the Litter Warden found no evidence of the alleged breach.

Under these circumstance the matter is deemed closed.


The person/s who made this decision is a public/civil servant. When they began their career they promised to serve the public, to serve the people of Ireland. In return the people of Ireland pay their salaries and will pay their pensions and other benefits into their old age.

The people of Ireland have to trust that the public/civil servants will faithfully act in the best interests of the people, the country and the local community.

In this case, as in so many others, that trust has been betrayed with the subsequent damage to public trust in politicians and public/civil servants.

Copy to:
Fingal County Council
Stephanie Regan

2 thoughts on “Fingal County Council: Ignoring the law-breaking of the political class?”

  1. Anthony,
    As I walked through Dun Laoghaire today I saw a poster for the election on a lamp-post.
    When I arrived home, I heard on the radio that the Taoiseach was going to the Park tomorrow to dissolve the Dail and call the election. I agree with you that it is wrong to ignore the law-breaking of the political class. I am sure that you will join with me to condemn Sinn Fein’s contempt for the laws of the country as it was the poster of a Sinn Fein candidate hanging there.
    Regards, Sam

  2. I most certainly do join you Sam in condemning the breaking of the law by Sinn Fein. No citizen should be allowed to treat the law with contempt, particularly those who believe they should be leading society. The law is being broken all over the place in respect of election posters but not a single candidate will be charged because the disease of corruption has such a hold on our so called law enforcement agencies

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