Sinn Fein: Hypocrisy and propaganda by the bucket full

There is only one genuine fact surrounding the latest so-called crisis in Northern Ireland – Fear of Sinn Fein’s growing power. Everything else is spin, propaganda, lies and hypocrisy all laced with tiny nuggets of truth to keep all the bullshit together. When the PSNI first triggered the ‘crisis’ they were merely doing what they … Continue reading “Sinn Fein: Hypocrisy and propaganda by the bucket full”

Denis O’Brien’s journalists miss the point

Denis O’Brien’s broadcaster Seán Moncrieff conducted a cosy conversation yesterday with Denis O’Brien’s journalist Daniel McConnell (Group political correspondent with ‘Independent’ Newspapers) on the government payment (bribe) to all those who have signed up with Irish Water. McConnell argued that to dismantle Irish Water at this stage would cost a fortune. Millions would be wasted, … Continue reading “Denis O’Brien’s journalists miss the point”

Manufactured ‘crisis’ to discredit Sinn Fein blows up

On the 19 August this year the following political/military situation existed in Northern Ireland. The Good Friday Agreement had been in existence for 17 years, the war was over. The Independent Monitoring Commission reported, year after year, that the Provisional IRA (PIRA) had indeed decommissioned its weapons and had ceased all military actions. All interested … Continue reading “Manufactured ‘crisis’ to discredit Sinn Fein blows up”

Journalist Noel Whelan takes a peek into the real world

On 26 June last Irish Times establishment journalist Noel Whelan wrote an article in which he hinted that the real world was beginning to encroach on the comfortable, well insulated world of political journalism. He wrote about the clubby relationship between politicians and journalists. He made the revolutionary suggestion that perhaps reducing the proximity of … Continue reading “Journalist Noel Whelan takes a peek into the real world”

Olivia O’Leary’s disgusting ‘journalism’

I recently wrote a tongue in cheek article in response to one of the many black propaganda articles in Independent Newspapers which are obviously part of a wider media campaign to stop Sinn Fein achieving power. Sunday Independent ‘journalist’ Eilis O’Hanlon was writing about the misuse of Twitter and Facebook but, in common with all … Continue reading “Olivia O’Leary’s disgusting ‘journalism’”

Enforcing tax law: Depends on whether you're rich and powerful or a peasant

Last Tuesday Pat Kenny (59 Min) interviewed an official from the Revenue Commissioners on how the organisation intended tracking down those homeowners who were suspected of cheating on their property tax obligations. The official was very professional. Pat put question after question to him and all were answered without hesitation, without any dithering regarding the … Continue reading “Enforcing tax law: Depends on whether you're rich and powerful or a peasant”

Ceann Comhairle outraged by Flanagan's 'vandalism'

Luke Ming Flanagan had done his research. He knew that the word ‘piss’ was not a banned word within the rarified and sensitive environs of Dail Eireann. He had checked out the Consumer Act in order to bolster his political point. He then planned and carried out a very clever and effective political stunt to … Continue reading “Ceann Comhairle outraged by Flanagan's 'vandalism'”

Fergal Keane: Living in a bubble of denial

RTE journalist Fergal Keane ‘enlightened’ the nation as to why Irish people did not resort to rioting in response to the economic collapse (Drivetime, 13 Dec.). He gave two reasons: One: Irish people know the consequences of political violence; we’ve lived with it for 40 years or more. Two: A collective sense of guilt. Everybody … Continue reading “Fergal Keane: Living in a bubble of denial”

Why should citizens remain loyal to a corrupt state?

Letter in today’s Irish Times. This is a letter from a man who has been betrayed by our corrupt political system. The key question he asks is: Why should I go on being an honest taxpayer…to pay for the mistakes of corrupt politicians, greedy bankers and golden circles who scammed us since so-called independence? How … Continue reading “Why should citizens remain loyal to a corrupt state?”