The missing link in the Irish regulatory system

The Government has still not implemented the key recommendations of the Mahon Tribunal almost a year after its publication. This refusal to respond to major corruption is normal in corrupt states. In Ireland, such matters are dealt with as follows: Corruption discovered followed by denial and/or blame. If the scandal continues to attract attention the … Continue reading “The missing link in the Irish regulatory system”

Tallaght Hospital scandal: No need for accountability

I wrote recently about the missing link that marks the difference between how things are done in Ireland and how they’re done in functional democracies. When suspicions of corruption are raised in functional jurisdictions there usually follows an investigation by an independent authority. If the suspicions are confirmed consequences follow such as sackings, heavy fines … Continue reading “Tallaght Hospital scandal: No need for accountability”

Irish Times archive on Moriarty

Irish Times reports by Colm Keena related to the Moriarty Tribunal. Haughey deals investigated. January 9, 1998. Desmond paid nothing to Haughey ‘prior to 1994’. January 9, 1998. Haughey had salary of £5,000 when land deals were done. January 10, 1998. Celtic Helicoptor’s Ansbacher trail. January 14, 1998. McCreevy lists missing files sought by Moriarty … Continue reading “Irish Times archive on Moriarty”