Green Party retreat into mental reservation

Green Party TD Paul Gogarty on the Willie O’Dea scandal. The collective opinion is that while we’re not happy with the situation at this moment in time it is not a resigning matter and you cannot put pressure on someone to resign if you genuinely feel that they shouldn’t resign. Have the Greens been taking … Continue reading “Green Party retreat into mental reservation”

The most bizarre hypocrisy

Cardinal Connell explained the concept of mental reservation to the Murphy Child Abuse Inquiry as follows. Well, the general teaching about mental reservation is that you are not permitted to tell a lie. On the other hand, you may be put in a position where you have to answer, and there may be circumstances in … Continue reading “The most bizarre hypocrisy”

Yet another banker caught out

Yet another banker has been caught out and forced to resign. Sean Fitzpatrick, chairman of Anglo Irish Bank, has resigned in a controversy over ‘inappropriate’ loans to directors involving sums of up to €87 million. We don’t know yet if Fitzpatrick has done anything illegal, we can only be sure that if he has he … Continue reading “Yet another banker caught out”