Snouts in the trough – out with principles

Letter in today’s Irish Times. The letter supports the core principle of Public Inquiry – that Ireland is an intrinsically corrupt state. That all politicians and political parties, once they have their snouts in the trough, have no problem in abandoning their principles. Sir, Prof Ray Kinsella has suggested that at least one seat in … Continue reading “Snouts in the trough – out with principles”

Revolution: Nothing less will do

We will not get through this crisis if our political institutions and system of governance do not change radically. We should be clear that, economic stabilisation, much less recovery, will be stymied by alienation from our political system, by fragmentation of political support, and by the very real prospect of a rise in disenchantment and … Continue reading “Revolution: Nothing less will do”

A corrupt nation in denial

The Financial Times has rightly described Ireland as a banana republic in response to the Anglo Irish Bank scandal. This is part of an ever increasing realisation by the international community that the administration of Ireland is, at every level, rotten to the core. It is only within Ireland that the reality is denied. It … Continue reading “A corrupt nation in denial”