Former Revenue chief gave tax advice to Dunne

So I guess we have some idea of the payback Dunne may have got for giving Haughey the £1.9 million in donations. But then Dunne can’t recollect any of these events anyway. And Haughey is too ill even to instruct his lawyers now, despite sunning himself on his yacht in France.

But let’s break this down a little. In 1987, Charlie Haughey, as Taoiseach arranged a meeting between the Head of the Revenue Sa©amus Pairca©ir, and Ben Dunne. The purpose of the meeting was to arrange a settlement.

Pairca©ir has now said that he didn’t think this information was relevent to the Moriarty Tribunal’s predecessor, McCracken.

Mr Pairca©ir had told the tribunal, in a statement of intended evidence, that he did not view a request from Mr Haughey that he meet Mr Dunne as a representation or submission on behalf of Dunnes Stores.

Maybe we all live on a different planet then. How could Dunne Stores possibly be related to Ben Dunne in 1987?

Indeed now it appears that:

the total amount that has been identified as being paid to Mr Haughey, by various parties, is approximately £8.5 million.

What could a reasonable person assume from these details? Answers on a postcard please.