McBreartys say they will not return to tribunal

I tend to agree with McBrearty on this one, I can see his logic:

Frank McBrearty jnr told The Irish Times his family’s legal representatives had worked on the tribunal for almost two years before the family withdrew from the proceedings in May 2004.

“They haven’t been paid a penny yet for that work and it may be another two years before they see any of the money depending on what challenges might be made [to their application for payment].” He said the tribunal would need to address a number of matters before his family would consider returning.

“We would have to be guaranteed all of our costs, just like the Garda Commissioner and the Minister for Justice. The terms of reference would also need to be widened to include the role of the State, the Attorney General, the commissioner, the Minister and the Department of Justice in what happened to us”.

3 thoughts on “McBreartys say they will not return to tribunal”

  1. The McBrearty family have been terribly wronged but I think when Frank McBrearty Jr accuses Justice Morris of a ‘publicity stunt’ he risks losing a lot of sympathy.

  2. You have to admire the McBrearty’s for not letting McDowell get away with his meaningless reassurances about payments. He (McDowell) comes across as someone who just wishes the McBrearty’s would go away.
    Good luck with the blog Gavin – by the signs of things, it could be a very busy site!

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