Man claims he was paid for setting up McBreartys

If you don’t know anything about what happened in Donegal, this is small example of the kind of thing the Gardai were up to. And this is a very very small example. There were much more serious goings on than this.

A man from Sligo said yesterday that he received payment from a detective sergeant for getting caught drinking on a premises owned by the McBreartys.

Key witness Bernard Conlon (49), said he testified against the McBreartys after being asked by Det Sgt John White to get caught in Frankie’s Nightclub in Raphoe.

The tribunal is inquiring into an allegation that Det Sgt White set up the McBreartys by asking Mr Conlon to get caught after hours and be a State witness.

It is alleged that a Detective Sargeant perverted the course of justice, bribing a citizen in order to prosecute another citizen, during a vendetta by the Gardai against the McBrearty family. This is actually small fry at the Morris Tribunal, why are Irish people not getting worked up about this?

And how much does it cost to bribe someone to stay late?

Det Sgt White then visited him at home in Sligo. “He said to me I’ve done a good job and he gave me some money as far as I recall in a brown envelope from his back pocket. As far as I remember it was £200,” he said. He made a statement in Sligo station. Later, he received a summons to appear at Letterkenny Court as a witness.