National Aquatic Centre roof blows off

The roof of the National Aquatic Centre blew off in a storm at Christmas – and apparently there were not near enough bolts. But the plot thickens:

There have been two separate structural investigations into the incident – one by the insurers and the other by the Office of Public Works as it is a state-owned building. It is not known which of the reports contained the allegations.

The €62 million National Aquatic Centre has been dogged by controversy for some time. A High Court action taken by Campus Stadium Ireland Development (CSID), the NAC’s landlord, to remove the centre’s operator, Dublin Waterworld, is due to be heard next month.

Waterworld is accused of paying no rent or insurance, and of having failed to file accounts, since it took over running the complex two years ago.

At a preliminary hearing, Justice Peter Kelly said it was ‘nothing short of astonishing'” that a valuable state asset should have been leased to a company with a share capital of €127 and no fixed assets.

People might remember that when the contract was originally awarded there was some concern at giving a shelf company the contract. The concerns have proved correct, and the government has done nothing about it.

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