Comptroller to investigate aquatic centre costs

I wonder what this investigation will turn up…but I have a feeling it will be very little:

The Comptroller and Auditor General John Purcell is to investigate the cost implications to the Exchequer relating to the recent controversies at the €62 million National Aquatic Centre.

Meanwhile, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has said he no longer stands over previous claims that the company which won the contract to operate the National Aquatic Centre was a company of international standing.

He made his comment in the Dail following questions on the ongoing controversy surrounding the centre which is the subject of a bitter legal dispute between the current operators of the centre, Dublin Waterworld, and the State company which controls the State-owned facility, Campus Stadium Ireland Development (CSID).

Mr Ahern also claimed that reports of major leaks and cracks at the centre were “red herrings”.

CSID is suing the operators, Dublin Waterworld, for control of the centre, claiming it has failed to comply with its contract on a number of basic issues, such as paying rent and maintaining the facility. Dublin Waterworld is countersuing on claims it owes more than €10 million in VAT, and has also raised issues about the alleged leaks and quality of the building.