Anthony O'Sullivan on 5-7 Live

It took RTE a while to cop onto the Brian Rossiter story. I started posting about it on Friday June 24th, prompted by Vincent Browne. While the VB show is broadcast on RTE, it took the RTE news department nearly a full week to start covering the story. And when they did, it was not their Crime Correspondent Paul Reynolds, but instead Political reporter David McCullagh. I would guess that has something to do with Reynolds wanting to keep his sources.

I think it started with a 6 o’clock news bulletin on RTE1 on June 30th, to report on McDowell setting up an ‘investigation’ into the incident.

Since then 5-7 Live have been covering the story, including an interview with Brian Rossiter’s father, and on Friday last, his friend Anthony O’Sullivan.

The interview with Anthony O’Sullivan by Philip Boucher-Hayes is something everyone should listen to. I should say that it is very emotional, Hayes ends up consoling Anthony on the death of his friend, and reminding him that Brian’s death was not his fault.

One thought on “Anthony O'Sullivan on 5-7 Live”

  1. Very poor journalism and dealt with emotion and not the facts of the case

    the fact a o’sullivan was arrested that night doesn’t say much for him and i don’t think he is as innocent as made out

    the state patholigist has already stated that the death was caused by a slow bleed in the skull over a few days and not the few hours he was in custody

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