Family calls for new inquiry into cell hanging

Another death in Garda custody.

A man who died in hospital at the weekend after he attempted to hang himself while in Garda custody may have been mistreated, his family has claimed. The family of Terence Wheelock from Dublin’s north inner city has called for an independent inquiry into his death.

Mr Wheelock was detained by gardaa­ in a cell in Store Street Garda station on June 2nd last, where he attempted to hang himself with a cord taken from his tracksuit bottoms.

Gardaa­ and fire brigade officers rushed Mr Wheelock to the Mater hospital, where he died on Friday having never regained consciousness.

Evidence was given that the cord had been secured so low down on the wall that Mr Wheelock had to kneel in his bid to strangle himself. Yet his family has claimed that he was not suicidal and laid flowers at the Garda station on Saturday.

The family also insists that Mr Wheelock suffered bruising and sustained a cut. Neither gardaa­ nor fire officers supported this allegation.

A Garda inquiry was set up to look into the circumstances surrounding Mr Wheelock’s death. However, family members claim they have not been given access to its findings or the statements which were made.

The family are calling for an investigation, along the lines of the current one into Brian Rossiter’s death.

One thought on “Family calls for new inquiry into cell hanging”

  1. hospital reports and pictures of terence wheelcoks body support the familys allegation that he was mistreated. by someone.
    hope they get their public inquiry and get this cleaned up.
    there should be a mandatory public inquiry when someone dies in garda custody after all they did fail to protect him

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