Deloitte's services cost almost €60m

So over half of the money for the PPARS system was spent on Deloitte consultants. And what have we got to show for it? Either the civil servants are incompetent or Deloitte were taking the proverbial.

The Irish Times understands that Deloitte received €40 million in consultancy fees over recent years for the PPARs payroll and staff records system and a separate €18.12 million for work on the FISP financial information system project.

The board of the HSE, as expected, decided yesterday to put on hold plans to expand the PPARs systems beyond the four locations where it is in use.

3 thoughts on “Deloitte's services cost almost €60m”

  1. At least somebody’s deloitted about this project. Funny how the consultants seem to get paid regardless of the success or not of their work.

  2. What about the ESB and their little €120 million plus IT project last year? How much did they pay Accenture to complete that? And yet there’s no talk in the news. Granted, the system worked. But surely the government/semi-states could start to hire people to do the work themselves?

  3. how about checking out the voluntary sector, who draw down millions of public funding on behalf of the disadvantaged! the voluntary sector has privatised poverty, the only people getting rich in the poverty industry is the people drawing down the fundig! McCreevey was right, poverty is an industry! and no accountablity to the communities they claim the funding for!! poverty is now run by the private sector, otherwise known as the voluntary sector!!1

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