Shortt awarded €1.93m for wrongful conviction

It sounds like a massive amount, but really, it seems incredibly small for the trauma Frank Shortt went through. It really is staggering that in an apparent modern democracy that these kind of abuses took place. Instead of quoting the article in IT, let me paraphrase.

In 1995 a 60 year old man, Frank Shortt, married father of 5 children, was convicted in relation to alleged sale of drugs on his premises at the Point Inn nightclub in Donegal. While in prison he had 6 other charges hanging over him. Before he had the chance to sell the nightclub it burnt down, leaving him with nothing.

Det Garda Noel McMahon and Supt Kevin Lennon of the Buncrana division suppressed evidence, planted evidence and perjured evidence was relied upon during the original trial.

Frank Shortt served over 2 years in prison, released in 1998, for crimes he was framed for. The Gardai involved did not expect Shortt to get a jail term but did nothing to remedy the situation subsequently.

Shortt, now 70, was cleared. He received €806,221 for losses related to Point Inn, plus €550,000 for loss of profits. He was awarded damages of €500,000 under the Criminal Procedure Act. He was also awarded costs plus a substantial exemplary damages put at €50,000.

He is right to appeal, it essentially ruined 10 years of his life, and he deserves far more having suffered such an injustice at the hands of the State.

2 thoughts on “Shortt awarded €1.93m for wrongful conviction”

  1. €500,000 for two years in jail? Most people would welcome such an opportunity.

    Plus €50k for his suffering. Plus all his other losses covered.

    Frankly, I find this a thoroughly sensible award.

    There may be a case to impose an additional large fine on behalf of the state. But not to shovel more money in the direction of Mr Shortt.

  2. As someone who new this nightclub and had many good nights out in it. I think the compensation that Mr. Short was awarded does not makeup for the loss that he and his family incurred and the more they are awarded the better.

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