Corruption comparisons

Not only is America the most powerful country in the world today but it is by far the most powerful country in history. Therefore, when we talk about those who are presently in power in the White House, we are talking about the most powerful people ever in the history of the world. Yet, we read that one of these people, Lewis Libby, the vice-president’s chief of staff, could be facing 30 years in jail and millions of dollars in fines.

His alleged crimes? Perjury, making a false statement and obstruction of justice. I mention this case because it is useful in strengthening my opinion that Ireland is not just a country that suffers from a degree of corruption but is, as an entity, a corrupt state. Making comparisons is a good method of confirming this.

Anyone familiar with corruption in Ireland in recent years will know that perjury, making false statements and obstructing justice are very common. This is especially true of the more powerful members of Irish society.

Charlie Haughey, for example obstructed the McCracken tribunal but a judge ruled that because he was so well known he would not get a fair trial. This, in effect puts him above the law, a position he shares with hundreds of other so called elites of Irish society.

If Lewis Libby was an Irish politician, he would be receiving standing ovations from his political party and high praise from the leader of the country.