Theft in the army

In a unrelated story to that posted below:

In a separate development, MPs have begun an inquiry into allegations that a member of the Defence Forces at Rockhill Barracks, Letterkenny, Co Donegal, had been stealing diesel from military vehicles and replacing it with illegal, laundered fuel.

It has been alleged the fuel used to refill the vehicles at Rockhill had its origins in an illicit fuel laundering operation run by individuals linked to the Provisional IRA. Much of the laundered fuel operations in Border counties are controlled by paramilitary figures.

Mr O’Dea has confirmed that an allegation relating to the larceny of fuel is being investigated.

More nice language from O’Dea. It is interesting that this story features as a footnote to the story previous, it hints at collusion between the Provos and the Army in Donegal, a claim I have not read prior to this – besides perhaps the infamous Gardai.