First rule – Always be covered

I think it’s very curious that the Government have decided not to publish the Ferns Report on the internet for “legal reasons’. The report is available from Government Publications only in hard copy. It is not available on CD.

A spokesman for the Health Service Executive (HSE), the Dept. responsible for the report told me

‘The report was not actually published. It was placed before the Houses of the Oireachtas and is therefore covered by Executive privilege.’

This is consistent with the way things are done in Ireland. No matter how serious the situation is, no matter what damage has been done to innocent citizens, no matter what loss has been suffered, the first rule is ABC – Always Be Covered.

Of much less importance but also curious is how difficult it is to contact the Government Publications Office. You would imagine that this service would be available on the internet for citizens to browse through the many publications.

Not only is it unavailable on the net but it is “invisible’ in the telephone directory. You must first be inspired to realise that this important office comes under the Office of Public Works (OPW).

The Ferns Report is on the internet, despite government shenanigans. It can be accessed at Ferns Report.

Government Publications – 01/6476879
Mail Order Section – 01/6476000