Suspended garda begins challenge to tribunal

Latest from the Morris Tribunal:

The detective wants the module deferred until a criminal trial in which he is being prosecuted is completed. He denies the charge and all allegations against him.

The move follows a judgment last Friday by tribunal chairman Mr Justice Frederick Morris refusing the detective’s application to adjourn the module.

The chairman ruled that the module should proceed in private as a public hearing could prejudice Sgt White’s criminal trial. He said the evidence would cover the same issues as those to be heard in the trial.

The chairman said he was not satisfied that it was in the interests of justice or necessary to protect the right of Sgt White to a fair trial to grant an adjournment until the conclusion of the criminal proceedings.

He said the legal cases could go on for some time, particularly if they were appealed. It was now more than four years since Sgt White was charged. Delays had already taken place in the hearing of the trial and there was a realistic danger that it could be some years before it came to a hearing, if ever.