Blowing with the wind

The was some interesting debate on the slave trade polices of Irish Ferries on Q & A last night.

Dick Roche strongly defended the actions of Irish Ferries on the same programme last September when the story first broke.

‘The fundamental issue is that hard economics have hit this company. The most important thing is to preserve these companies’

No sympathy for Irish Ferries workers there.

On last night’s programme, he seemed to have a better understanding of the ruthlessness of Irish Ferries policy. When John Bowman challenged him on his change of mind, Roche got all flustered and did what he does best – waffled.

At the time, I expressed puzzlement at the views expressed by Roche and John Waters on the matter.

‘The only thing that can be said in their defence is that neither of them seemed to understand the full implications of what Irish Ferries are planning to do.’

Obviously, Roche does not have the ability to assess such matters at short notice but he does possess that great talent common to all Irish politicians – Blowing with the wind.