Political stooge

The late Brian Lenihan Snr. was, by all accounts, a very intelligent man. Unfortunately, by allowing himself to be used as a public stooge by Fianna Fail he was better known, at best, as a loveable clown.

On every occasion when the indefensible needed to be defended, Brian was wheeled out to tell everybody that there was “no problem’.

It seems now that Brian’s son, Conor Lenihan is happy to maintain this legacy. On last Sunday’s Marian Finucane show (43rd min.) Conor defended the on-going emasculation of the Freedom of Information Act by claiming that the new restrictions would save taxpayers’ money.

Using this logic, Conor would, presumably, be in favour of disbanding the Gardai, thus saving the taxpayer millions.

Seems it’s a case of – like father, like son.