Predictable political waffle

“There will be some anger, especially from the parents of the children involved but they will be fobbed off and the usual Banana Republic excuses will be mouthed – Yes, it was terrible but it’s all in the past, things are different now, we must make sure that this never happens again, going forward, blah blah blah

The above quote is part of my reaction to Mary Harney’s decision last February to wind up the Dunne enquiry which was investigating the taking of children’s organs and selling them to pharmaceutical companies. Specifically, I was predicting how Mary Harney would respond to the Madden report which was published last Wednesday.

A law lecturer at UCC, Dr Deirdre Madden was asked to trawl through the material gathered by the Dunne enquiry and produce a quick report. The following is an edited version of Mary Harney’s reaction to the publication of that report. (Full reaction here, if you can stomach it)

Standards as applied today are very different from those applied in the past. We have all learned lessons, what happened was wrong, it was the culture of the time, must put in place legislation ensure this never happens again, blah blah blah

This is the standard response from arrogant, incompetent and uncaring politicians who are very happy to wallow in the comforts of a corrupt and unaccountable administration.