Irish – Politically stupid?

Consider the following email from Brendan Gleeson, read out on the Marian Finucane Show last Saturday.

I have witnessed my parents, both in their 80s, spend days and nights on trolleys in an overcrowded unit totally ill equipped to take care of them. The place is overrun and at times, filthy. This is not anecdotal, this is fact.

The staff are unable to cope, despite incredible commitment because the set up is stacked against them. Sick people are reduced to grabbing chairs, never mind beds from others who have gone to the toilet. My father spent six hours on a chair, afraid to vacate it, he’s 88. He paid VHI all his life along with the heavy taxation of the day which he viewed as a duty.

He spent four days and nights on a trolley having suffered a stroke and subsequent blindness. His dinner lay at the end of the trolley, untouched because they had forgotten he was blind and that he couldn’t see it.

My mother spent over two days and nights unable to use the solitary toilet in the unit when she needed to because she couldn’t get off the trolley unaided and by the time she reluctantly called a nurse, the toilet was occupied again. This was an unspeakable indignity to a woman of her generation and standards of personal hygiene. When she finally got to the toilet, it was covered in blood which incidentally she attempted to clean.

When my dad took ill again, he refused a doctors advice to go in – He couldn’t face it

Now consider the following: (Taken from a quick look at some files)

€9 billion: Over runs on road building – Gross incompetence by civil servants

€1.35 billion: Cost to taxpayer resulting from the deal done between Church and State over child abuse – Criminality, cruelty and incompetence by church and state

€1 billion: Illegal charging of the elderly in nursing homes – Criminality, cruelty and gross incompetence by civil servants.

€180 million: Amount spent on a computer system that was supposed to cost €9 million and doesn’t work – Gross incompetence

€20 million: Cost of tribunal into the taking of childrens organs without permission. – Gross incompetence and arrogance.

Hundreds of millions: Ansbacher, Dirt, Organised financial crime, etc. – Standard (and apparently acceptable) level of criminality in Irish financial community.

Only one question arises from the above – Why are the Irish people so docile and politically ignorant?

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  1. Concerning The Irish Nation:

    Thanks to Ireland’s admirable 1916 Easter Rising heroes, today’s society is provided with a non-fictional opportunity to live in a free democracy. Learn once more how to exercise constitutional rights, as they will teach, elate and finally free your nation from the old-and-new stigma of a people exploited and betrayed by their own. Incompetence and unreserved carelessness is what’s bringing the Irish nation to its knees.

    Forty economical shades of green have long turned into eighty shades of refined sham. You are being deceived and blinded by Celtic Tiger lies designed to veil you into false contentment. Continue to remain hesitant to react to governmental exploitation and you will make a laughing stock of the exceptionally brave men and women that gave their life for this country’s independence.

    I urge you people to snap out of virtual reality dream! Vacate this keenly advertised nationalistic consumer crap haloing the Irish economy. Instead engage again your powerful minds and voices to kill off the disgrace this nation has been tagged with. Stop your mothers and fathers from being neglected, abused and betrayed by the generation it reared! As you continue on your thoughtless journey doing it to your own you have stepped onto the path of becoming worse than Nazis! Stop your recklessness! Wake up!

    Put back on the old records and “intently listen’ to what alert minds like John Lennon warned about all along; act upon his and other artist’s inspiration. “True Irishness’ is at the brink of extinction by your fattened and skewered minds ceasing to observe, evaluate and act. Take off the blinkers and face down the demons of complacency; learning about your faults is the first step to curing them. Put a STOP to your very own Daile portraying and using your country as a deception opportunity Eldorado. Muppets now disgracing it have long and turned it into a theatrical bullshit chamber that, by the sounds and looks of it, could’ve been named after a scatty woman serving tea on Craggy Island. It currently is no more than that!

    Don’t mistake by thinking your future is secured; don’t descend again in prayers pleading with The Devine to spare your lives from being affected by heinous governmental treachery and ineptitude. You’re sitting right in it; and this time you are being brought to your knees without the British having put a foot wrong. It is YOUR MONEY that’s being cheated out of your pockets by the ones you pay to do so. The laugh is on you, a proud-to-be-Irish minister’s foreign St. Patrick’s day vacation and Ansbacher A/c on “your tax bill’. Reinvent true “Irishness’.

    Dust down again historic works of reference and don’t put off learning from foreign lands that have ventured through “peaceful’ political change long before this island had opened its first tarred road. Make public again the instructions masterminds of past and present provided, connect with the inciters and fire starters of “peaceful’ change, the influencers that cared and still care to dip your noses into a chaos of polished deceit. Don’t just eagerly applaud alert people like Brendan, Bob and Bono appearing in the media and spelling it out for you. Act upon their word! Aren’t ye all ‘sick and tired of hearing things from uptight-short sighted-narrow minded hypocritic-nuerotic-pyschotic-pig-headed politicians”? Be inspired – Go get some truth!

    Don’t believe in an administration that has no grounds to believe in itself – learn instead to trust your own judgement. Stand up for what is yours; your government doesn’t come with a money back guarantee! Don’t let your parents and kids rot and die in shit holes that are barely equipped to treating broken fingernails! Don’t have me, the foreigner observing this incomprehensible shambles, consoling you “Pity your family didn’t get to a German hospital in time!’ There’s only ONE chance to get it right with your loved ones! Don’t employ a careless and corrupt administration that doesn’t give a toss about anyone’s health but their own, a toss about your kids having to learn in sickening makeshift schools looking like dog kennels, a toss about how long you’re drowened in unmanaged traffic trying to get to work and home again, a toss about what happens to this land – YOUR LAND! – a first toss about this mail!

    Government overspendings are always designed, never coincidental!

    Radical change is what your country needs – and it needs it now!


    In an attempt to open your eyes here are some ‘basic’stats from Germany any citizen can “insist’ on.

    ·A&E waiting times = None
    ·Access to examining equipment
    (e.g. scanners, X-Ray, etc.) = Instant
    ·Hospital Admission & Accommodation = Instant
    ·GP waiting room (No appointment!) = Max 1 hour
    ·General Dentist waiting times = None
    ·Orthodontic Treatment waiting times = None

    Just try to comprehend the following: A friend of mine works as a caretaker in a hospital in Bremen. He recently told me he’s is in fear of his job because the hospital administration has no other choice but to lay off staff. Doctors, nurses, caretakers – LAID OFF!
    Reason: Too many beds vs. too few patients – in a country of ’83 million”! For as long as this senseless slaughter in Iraq hast lasted, wounded American troops are flown to Germany. It cuts both ways; people are looked after and doctors and staff keep their jobs.

    Enough said; I wouldn’t have a right to call myself German if I wouldn’t try to make nails with heads:

    Dear Mr Gleeson,
    Pack some bags for your parents, I’ll meet ye at the airport. Flight time and one+ hour time difference considered, all-in-all your parents will have received
    professional treatment within four hours, max! Rest assured; doctors and staff speak English.

    People of Ireland; get your ailing relations over to Germany and let your government cough up the bill. May it source these monies from your pointless and lifelong VHI contributions. You choice! – Your loved ones!



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