Dodgy round up

The following is a round – up of the latest dodgy dealings, corruption and incompetence in 21st century Ireland.

Dodgy Dogs The greyhound scandal is at the report stage. It means that nobody can talk about it and hopefully the public will have forgotten the details before the report is published, if it is published. It has already cost the taxpayer millions. No one will be held accountable. Deals will be done, “arrangement’ will be made, the taxpayer will pay.

Dodgy Fish Recently the Government was forced to admit that there was widespread criminality going on in the fisheries business. This kind of behaviour does massive damage to the environment and will destroy the prospects for future generations. The EU has finally lost patience with the cowardice and incompetence of Irish politicians and has penalized all those involved in the fishing industry.

Dodgy Farmers Fourteen years ago the Government was told by the EU to bring in controls on the spreading of nitrates by farmers. Most of this nitrate spreading is unnecessary and does massive damage to water supplies. Because of political cowardice in the face of farmer power and greed, the EU is on the brink of imposing very heavy fines on Irish taxpayers. Incompetent and cowardly politicians are frantically trying to find a compromise which will allow farmers to continue their pollution of the water.

Thieving Solicitors. March should see some developments into the theft of tens of thousands by solicitors from their most vulnerable clients. The solicitors have the full backing of the Government and the law to deal with these people (their victims) as they see fit. The Law Society is conducting their investigations in secret, no independent or Government observers. The victims are not represented or allowed to be present to defend their case. Prediction – No solicitor will be struck off, no solicitor will face charges. Minimum “punishment’ will apply. The Law Society will be allowed to continue to operate as a virtual secret society.

Dublin Riot. For months, everybody knew there would be trouble – except the Gardai. A Garda spokesman admitted that they didn’t have the right equipment but reassured Pat Kenny that, if needed, they could borrow two water canons from the PSNI. Countless billions rolling around the Celtic Tiger and our police force have to beg for equipment from another country. The Garda helicopter was also unavailable due to “technical’ problems. The elastic band was probably broken.

Dodgy deal in Limerick. Dick Roche is still investigating the deal struck by Limerick City Council to sell off part of a public park that it didn’t own to a private developer. ‘Must make sure this never happen again…’ ‘Must look to the future…’ ‘Lessons will have to be learned…’ Developer will win. Someone in Limerick City Council will probably win. The taxpayer and the citizens of Limerick will lose.

Then there’s the carnage on the roads, the Neary case, the Cosgrave case, Frank Dunlop and Fianna Fail corruption and I’m just reading of the latest scandal – A Galway based home heating oil company has admitted to being involved in a price fixing ring which a number of oil distribution companies were operating in the West of Ireland in 2001 and 2002.

Remember, these are just a few examples of the most recent corruption, incompetence and dodgy dealings in this great little banana republic. I could go on…but I’m tired….very tired