Donegal garda says witnesses abused in custody

It looks like a Garda has finally cracked. He is essentially backed up the story of two women questioned in relation to the death of Richie Barron in Donegal. John Dooley has admitted to the Morris Tribunal that the women were mistreated in Garda custody, a charge that the other Gardai alleged to be involved Detective Sergeant John White and Garda Joan Gallagher both deny.

Paul McDermott SC told the inquiry Mrs McConnell made serious allegations against Garda Dooley and Det Sgt John White in 2002, but it is only now the claims have been admitted.

Mr McDermott said: “For close to nine years the gardaa­ who were the subject of these allegations strenuously denied them. This has now changed.”

“If it is true, Mrs McConnell and Mrs Brolly have been the subject of the most dreadful treatment whilst in detention and a most scandalous cover up by the gardaa­ involved,” Mr McDermott said.

“If it is true, it also marks a significant breaking away from the culture of lies and deceit and the unwillingness to reveal a truth adverse to a colleague that has been an unfortunate feature of this inquiry. That would be a very positive and commendable development.”

RTE reports here.

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