McDowell tells of 'grave concern' at allegations

Amidst all the hoopla of McDowell’s outburst, the news of allegations made against members of the Gardai went almost unnoticed. McDowell says he’s concerned.

“The allegations and indeed other allegations contained in the opening statement – if true – raise issues which can only be described as shocking about abuse and ill-treatment of persons in custody, deliberate violation of a detainee’s right of access to and privacy of communications with a solicitor, and gross abuses of constitutional rights of individuals.”

He said: “These issues have profound implications for our legal system and strike at the very heart of the democratic principles on which this State is founded. The people of Ireland, through Dail and Seanad a‰ireann, have charged the honourable Mr Justice Morris with the important and difficult task of getting to the truth of these matters. It is vitally important that everyone involved understand the importance of getting to the absolute truth. Let there be no doubt that it is the solemn duty of all those involved to assist the tribunal in whatever way they can and I reiterate and fully support its call this morning for that assistance.”

But what is he doing about it?