More bugging allegations

John White has been making more allegations about the bugging of Garda stations throughout the country.

Det Sgt White said two gardai­ witnessed the bugging of an interview room. They were beside the man and the machine and they could name the man who was using it, he said. The two gardai­ made statements to this effect.

“They told me that they were quite willing to give evidence about all this. It was in a murder case in Cork in 1992 and they can definitely give sworn evidence that the interview room was bugged and they saw it happening and they heard it happening.”

Mr Whelan asked if they were prepared to come to the tribunal.

“They are and they have made statements to their own superintendent about it and there was supposed to be an investigation but they believe there was a cover-up and they have told me that,” he said. They had all the reports and documentation necessary to show that, he said.

Tribunal lawyer Paul McDermott SC said they had received a statement from one of the gardai­ and the matter would be pursued.

Michael Durack SC for the Garda Commissioner and senior officers said that Chief Supt Austin McNally, Asst Commissioner Kevin Carty and Asst Commissioner Dermot Jennings hotly contested this claim of bugging in Garda stations.

How long will we have to wait to hear more about these claims?

3 thoughts on “More bugging allegations”

  1. Good grief Sheridan …

    Following this series with reserved interest, may I suggest you keep your motor vehicle license, inspection and insurance tags current. In addition, ensure you front, rear, and dole lights are in working order on your vehicle.

    A tool oftentimes employed here in the states is for teh police [garda] to stop someone [who is being watched] on a minor traffic violation. Hope you don’t find your butt in a bugged interviewing room.

    Have a good one … is it Garda or Gardia?

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