Gardai 'never told to be aggressive in interviews'

The Irish Independent reports that a superintendent from Donegal has said that John White had not been given instructions to engage in tough interviews – contrary to what John White alleges.

John McGinley, who retired after being criticised in a Morris Tribunal report, said Det Sgt John White had not been given instructions to engage in tough interviews while probing Richie Barron’s death. “There were no instructions given to anybody to go outside the just treatment of persons in custody rules, or Criminal Justice Act of ’84, in any shape or form,” he told the tribunal.

“These structures are in place to ensure that such abuses don’t happen, I am disappointed and saddened that it did happen, as alleged.

“However, if two people go into an interview room and do something such as that there is very little that anybody can do about it at the time.”

The Irish Examiner reports the same story here.

One thought on “Gardai 'never told to be aggressive in interviews'”

  1. will members of the gardai involved in illegal activity be prosecuted and made an example of?or is it back to the old ways again with the double law rule,the law only applies to certain people on this people are too laid back when it comes to rectifying problems like these.if it were in france that the police were flaunting the laws to suit themselves they would be hung fron the trees.
    i hope the new garda ombudsman will implement the true rule of law not the garda rule of law be implemented.
    the whole country as regards policing on this island should be picked up and shakin so that all the bad apples would fall.
    we are a soft race of people to be letting it continue.
    it is worse than communism

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