Political crisis

There was widespread panic today among politicians when it was learned that a child rapist had being released from prison on foot of last week’s Supreme Court decision striking down the law on statutory rape.

The panic was not caused by the potential danger to the children of the nation but rather by Bertie Ahern’s threat to recall the Dail next week in order to pass legislation to plug this gaping hole in the law.

A spokesman for the body politic said it was outrageous that such drastic action would be considered to resolve a problem that was only brought to the attention of politicians a mere sixteen years ago.

He went on to say that recalling the Dail could have major consequences for TDs and their families. Holidays had been booked, sun tan lotion purchased and civil servants briefed on keeping constituents happy until the long, long, long weekend was over.

In any case, recalling the Dail should only be considered when something really important needs afixin. Like for example when Fianna Fail’s friend, Larry Goodman, needed help some years back to prevent his business going down the tubes.

Meanwhile, that great defender of Irish democracy, Michael (I know what I know) McDowell was busy denying any knowledge of all this unsavory business.

I know nothing, my staff knows nothing, the Attorney General knows nothing, his staff may know something but you’ll have to wait until we come back from our well deserved holidays to find out. Byeeeee

One thought on “Political crisis”

  1. Jaysus I never thought that that tvvat Mc.Dowell could get any worse and then he leads the “charge” on such a monumental fu*k up. What a complete a*sehole. The people who died for our freedom are no doubt turning at this time at the thought of such an idiot playing a part in the running of this once fine Nation.

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