Haughey dies

Charles Haughey is dead – let the frenzy of denial begin. The campaign to rehabilitate Haughey, the most ruthless, hypocritical, corrupt politician in Irish history has been underway for some time now.

Recently, Ahern described Haughey as a ‘wonderful man’. His former assistant, Catherine Butler, called him a cultured, intelligent, dedicated and patriotic man. And just now I am listening, with almost sickening disgust, to our President, Mary McAleese, who, in theory is supposed to represent all the people of this corrupt Republic, waffling on about the great Haughey.

She has actually announced that she is cutting short her visit to Africa to return for the funeral of this criminal. She is a disgrace to all the Irish citizens who have suffered and continue to suffer from the actions of this greedy and ruthless politician.

One thought on “Haughey dies”

  1. Lest we forget, McAleese also denounced freedom of speech on Ireland’s behalf when she condemned those harmless Danish cartoons to a segregated audience in Saudi Arabia a few months ago. I really don’t see the value of having a president of Ireland, especially such a ridiculously over-paid one.

    Interestingly, this post is the 9th search result when you google “corrupt politician”.

    I don’t have much to say about Haughey; he was a bit before my time. All I remember about him was seeing him attending tribunals on the news, and my mother’s assertion that he was quite a bastard.

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