Silly questions

When media people are involved in saturation coverage of events they sometimes slip into asking really silly/humorous questions. RTE are a particularly good source for this kind of thing.

For example, it wasn’t unusual to hear Unionist politicians being asked – Are you happy that this IRA man is behind bars? Or Irish politicians being asked – Are you pleased that you have been elected?

The coverage of Haughey’s death is no different. Here’s an exchange between RTE’s Fran McNulty and a former constituent of Haughey’s, on today’s News at One.

Fran: How do you think he looked today?

Constituent: (In a puzzled voice) Well, what can you say, the man was dead?

One thought on “Silly questions”

  1. I think Anthony should engage his brain before making stupid comments about journalists questions. I was in Donnycarney as members of the public left the mortuary chapel, the main talking point was how he loooked. Mr. Mc Nulty accuratly read the mood at the church that morning and also asked the questioned that most irish people want asked, we all talk about how someone looked when they are lying in repose. Expecially when it is a major public figure who has not been seen in public for some years. It is interesting that you did not include the answers from some of the other people there who gave interesting answers.

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