Haughey's last failure

At Haughey’s funeral today, Sean Haughey quoted his mother

“Everybody hates Charlie Haughey except the people.”

Well, today the people begged to differ with this opinion. Despite a massive propaganda campaign by the State and Haugheys friends, enthusiastically supported by RTE, the people of Ireland stayed away in their droves.

It was a clear statement that the majority of Irish citizens see Haughey for what he really is – a corrupt politician that abused power to enrich himself, family and friends.

A mere 500 people gathered outside the church with a further 2,000 inside. A nearby hall, set aside for the expected massive crowds, remained virtually empty. On the road to the graveyard only a scattering of curious onlookers bothered to turn up, Hardly a Princess Diana type outpouring of grief.

We are told that Haughey planned every detail of his funeral. He probably laboured under the delusion that he was loved by the great bulk of the Irish people and that they would turn out in great numbers to see him off.

That the people were awake to this final stroke by this ruthless and greedy politician is a small indication that perhaps, at last, they are beginning to realise how the cancer of corruption can damage their country and personal lives.

Meanwhile, the national broadcaster, which is supposed to uphold the principle of balanced broadcasting, is beginning to realise that it has been used as a propaganda tool by the State.

On his radio show this morning, Ryan Tubridy reported that all media outlets had been experiencing a public backlash to the State funeral for Haughey. He admitted that RTE was taken aback by the wall-to-wall negative comments received from the public against Haughey.

Certainly, RTE has questions to answer for its almost totally pro Haughey coverage.

One thought on “Haughey's last failure”

  1. Anthony …

    I’ve received a good education on Haughey
    from you and over on Gavin’s Blog. Yet, I’ll leave
    the opinions of the guy to you. With several Haugheys
    in my own back yard, I’d be a hyoprocrite to offer
    my two cents.

    However, my respect for the Irish people has increased
    tremendously as they aborted any attempt by the media
    to make someone into something they obvioulsy did not believe.

    Kudos to you and Ireland for having a backbone
    and sticking [unwavering] to what you believe.

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