Astonishing accountability

Irish citizens must be looking on in astonishment at events in the UK.

They must be astonished to witness a police force taking immediate action on receiving allegations of political corruption.

They must be astonished that there are actually police officers with the courage and confidence to investigate powerful politicians.

They must be astonished to see one of the most powerful men in the UK, Lord Levy, arrested by the police.

They must be astonished that it was a politician that actually made the initial complaint to the police.

They must be astonished that action is actually taken without first having a fifteen year tribunal that costs millions and achieves nothing.

They must be astonished at the possibility of a serving Prime Minister being questioned by the police

They must be astonished that politicians of the party in power are severely critical of their own party and leader.

Some astonished Irish citizens might even begin to suspect that what is happening in the UK is not unusual in an accountable democracy.

One thought on “Astonishing accountability”

  1. public nonchalance to political wheeling and dealing in ireland is just one of those socially acceptable things, like drink till your sick, drinvg under the influence and jaywalking … FF will still roar home at the next election because people just cant be bothered

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