Honouring the corrupt

It’s been a long and beautifully warm summer but the corruption, incompetence and general shenanigans that blights Irish political, social, and business life never ceases.

Last weekend we had the annual farce down in Dingle. The committee that organizes the annual Dingle Regatta continues to centre the event around the notorious tax cheat, Charles Haughey.

The strongly pro Fianna Fail committee labour under the delusion that Haughey was singularly responsible for the development of Dingle. The reality is, of course, very different.

Much of the development in Dingle took place during the 80s. This was a decade when compliant taxpayers were paying over 50% of their wages in tax while corrupt and shady characters like Haughey were busily robbing the State.

This idolization of a cheat and liar, a man who betrayed his family, friends, party and country can only be described as bizarre.

One thought on “Honouring the corrupt”

  1. I have been at the recieving end of jealous,lying,so called catholics that think a call at the church will readeem them of their sins. they are friends and relatives of councelors and use this too get their own way.

    I have lived in killarney and worked for builders that have had to pay councelers in traliee for the wright to build.
    the head of planning ms van dyck, must know what’s going on but is too scared as she might lose her job.

    this information, the name of the builder, place of construction,the amount of money that has already passed hands “1000,000 and a lead of the corrupt councelers have been given to the inland revenue…the only body in ireland that i really trust

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