Solicitors secret court delivers first verdict

I see the Irish Law Society’s secret court has delivered its first verdict concerning the theft of tens of thousands by its members from abuse victims appearing before the Residential Institutions Redress Board (Irish Independent).
These vulnerable people, already sexually and physically abused by State and Church were again abused by their sleazy solicitors who robbed a sizeable portion of their modest compensation awards.
No solicitor, of course, will appear before a real court. It’s all dealt with behind closed doors, solicitors passing judgement on fellow solicitors with a token lay representation.
The solicitor in question, a Mr. Michael Buggy, practicing in Kilkenny was found to have deducted fees from an award granted to an abuse victim and failed to provide the victim with a full bill of costs.
These transgressions are direct breaches of law under the Solicitors (Amendment) Act, 1994, Section 68 (1) (3) yet the State shows no interest in charging this solicitor under this act.