Angry Hungarians – Sheepish Irish

The political crisis in Hungary was discussed on last Wednesday’s Pat Kenny Show. (1.32 Mins) During the discussion with Irish Times journalist, Dan McLoughlin, an astonished Pat made the following comment.

“It’s just if you translate this into Bertie Ahern addressing Fianna Fail…we lied morning noon and night…we screwed up a lot…no European government has done something as boneheaded as we have, if Bertie said that he’d be gone tomorrow morning.”

Dan McLaughlin agreed and added,

“He’s actually continuing a tradition by which Hungarian politicians don’t really take responsibility for their actions…they just don’t step down…there isn’t a tradition of taking that responsibility”.

Meanwhile, back in Ireland our Prime Minister, Bertie Ahern has been telling journalists to ‘mind their own business’ when asked what he did with money he admits he got from a number of businessmen when he was Minister for Finance in 1993.

“If I got something as a present, I can use it…”

he stated, in response to allegations that the money was used to cover his legal expenses in a marriage separation case.

Bertie, known by some as ‘blank cheque bertie’ because of his willingness to sign whole books of (taxpayers) blank cheques for his corrupt idol, Charlie Haughey.

Bertie, a member of a political system that refuses to take responsibility for political corruption but instead establishes never ending tribunals which have no power to find anyone guilty.

Bertie, a politician who presides over a country where corruption and incompetence are endemic but nobody is ever held to account, where State agencies operate in almost total secrecy and break the law on a regular basis.

Bertie, a politician who holds power in a country where, sadly, the citizens never get angry – no matter how often they are kicked in the teeth.

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