Desperate times for Bertie

The very fact that Bertie Ahern has chosen to appeal to public sympathy in an attempt to get himself off the hook is an indication of his desperation. In his interview with RTE’s Brian Dobson, Ahern resorted to the usual excuses.

No favours were sought or given – It was a debt of honour that I will repay (sometime) – In hindsight, if I knew my daughters and I were going to be successful I would have acted differently – I broke no law – It was a relatively small amount compared to being offered millions.

The debt of honour excuse is the same tactic used by Ahern’s mentor and hero, the corrupt Charlie Haughey when he was asked to explain why he never repaid a loan to Allied Irish Banks – AIB is still waiting for payment.

In her enthusiasm to defend Bertie on Primetime, the Minister for Education, Mary Hanifin may have got herself into a spot of bother. She claimed (wrongly) that Michael Lowry had received very large amounts of money from businessmen who he didn’t know. Pat Rabbitte remarked that Lowry’s solicitors will probably have something to say about such claims.

Mary O’Rourke, adopted her most severe school teacher persona when Vincent Browne interrupted her gallant defence of Bertie with one of his famous sighs. The exchange between the two provides a good laugh.

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  1. Bertie’s playing the sympathy card is a technique at a point in time. The fact is that it worked for some people. But not all. In fact in the countryside, where a man is assessed by his character, Ahern has no credibility anymore. This is mainly due to the inconsistencies in the story.
    In the rural Midlands, many of us are making jokes about whiparounds. I know, this was the joke last night with everyone I met. In fact this seems to be the joke. Adopt the Bertie persona and see if your mates will donate the next round. It’s a sure sign that everybody knows what is really going on. And then when offered a treat at work “is that a gift or a loan”. It’s in the same vein as “mature recollection”. The PS I Owe you joke is also popular.

    Concerning Mary O’Rourke. The electorate of Westmeath decided despite the fact that she was the only candidate from Athlone, that she was not up to the job. We can assume that this is the right of the people of Westmeath. I think we call it democracy. The electorate decides. Bertie seen her worth and appointed he to the Seanad. Clearly the electors of WestMeath had made a mistake.
    Given recent by-election results in Meath and Kildare, it seems the result will stand next time around. Even the loyal FF vote are fed up with Mary O’Rourke.
    Mary O’Rourke is however still having the last laugh at us, because she sits on a pension and a Senators salary. For some reason Marian Finuicane and other RTE presenters seems predisposed towards given MoR access to national airwaves. Clearly Marian Finuicane never uses public transport(MoR was minster for transport 1998-2002 and fixed nothing, at great expense to the taxpayer). And we can also assume that MoR was definitely never an Eircom Shareholder. Lastly was can assume that she never had to wait to get a telephone repaired. We are being robbed twice there because we pay the TV licence which subsidises RTE radio also.

  2. Allen of the Bog, how many times do I have to put to put you right. Bertie is in a stronger position than ever in this country despite the best efforts of agent Kennedy and her cronies. I do not know what circles you move in but they are well removed from reality. The Irish people have recognised what Kennedy and her fellow travellers were up to and they are not impressed.
    An overall majority is a real possibility next May for Bertie. Fine Gael and Labour have never served a consecutive second term in office. That tells its own story. They are no sooner in power than most people want them out agai. Throw in the Greens and the Cocktail is even worse. We want the country to go forwards not in reverse.
    The economy is what the Election will be all about and only one party can ensure that Ireland continues to prosper and the Mayo muppets (Kenny and Rabbitte) will be nowhere to be found.
    The Crewser

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