Consequences of corruption

The recent polls in favour of Fianna Fail and Bertie Ahern are depressing but they are in no way surprising. A majority felt that Bertie was wrong to take the money but because he’s such a good Taoiseach, he should remain in office.

This kind of double think is exactly what can be expected of a population who has lived in a corrupt state all their lives. The economy is strong, the Opposition is weak and the incident happened years ago so why rock the boat?

In the short term, this reasoning makes sense but in the long term it is very damaging. When people fail to demand high standards from their leaders they will get low standards, and sooner or later, they (or other citizens) will suffer the consequences.

Some of the consequences of Bertiegate are as follows:

Irish politicians can now openly appoint their friends to State boards. This kind of cronyism is ethically and legally unacceptable in most democracies.

Irish politicians can now openly accept large amounts of money from friends and businessmen. Obviously, politicians in senior ministerial positions will attract larger payments. Again, this kind of graft is totally unacceptable in real democracies.

It is now unacceptable to questions Irish politicians about their finances if those finances are connected to personal/family events. This new situation provides an ideal channel for corrupt politicians to secrete bribes/payments/gifts from prying eyes.

Irish politicians from other parties will now become even more reluctant to tackle the disease of corruption. Brutal pragmatism will force them to accept even lower standards in their increasingly desperate desire for high office.

There are, of course, many other consequences resulting from Irish corruption and criminal incompetence ranging from the theft of billions to dysfunctional administration to the actual death of some citizens.

3 thoughts on “Consequences of corruption”

  1. I am a member of the silent majority in Ireland and I want Bertie Ahern to stay as Taoiseach. The despicable witchhunt launched against this honourable man has failed miserably. Geraldine Kennedy and her media cronies have a few questions to answer about what went on. But of course ethical standards do not enter into calculations in respect of media people. They can print whatever they want, break whatever laws they want and then dive for cover using “protection of sources” or some other mechanism. Fortunately the Irish electorate are able to see through all of this and that is why Bertie Ahern is receiving such overwhelming support all around the country.
    The Crewser

  2. Poor pathetic Anthony. What a narrow mind you have. Irish political standards are higher than you will find anywhere in the world but you are so blinded by your hatred of the best Taoiseach that this country has produced, to recognise it.
    The events which Geraldine Kennedy and her Tribunal pal brought to light, should not have been brought into the public domain atal but like you her disgusting prejudice against Bertie Ahern and Fianna Fail drove here to break the law to try and overthrow the Taoiseach of this country. Our country is now the envy of Europe and indeed the World thanks to the dynamism of Bertie Ahern and others who have worked tirelessly and selflessly to bring peace and prosperity to Ireland.
    Anthony if you want to find real corruption in Politics take a look at the USA. There the Government is virtually owned by big business. We have so many ethical checks and balances in place now that our Political system is pretty well corruption free. What a pity our media is not subject to some ethical principles also.

  3. Good post Anthony…very very true.

    ps – regarding bertie being a great taoiseach…he was a fantastic 1990s toiseach i.e. the peace process, social partnership, coalition but hes useless for the 21st leadership on any of the crisis issues facing the country today, no vision of where to take the country over next decades

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