Deadly ignorance

Hardly a day passes in Ireland without some new report of corruption or gross incompetence usually in the Government/public administration sectors.

Whether it’s Government ministers prostituting State offices for monetary gain, public servants robbing and abusing the elderly, so called State regulatory bodies pathetically failing to even make an effort at doing their jobs or just ordinary everyday criminal negligence, the response is always the same – Denial, excuses, blaming somebody else. Never, ever, will you witness these so called State servants actually taking responsibility.

The latest example of this never ending stream of incompetence and corruption broke yesterday. Up to a hundred children were put at risk of contacting Hepatitis C between 1991 and 1994 because of inadequate screening.

To date nobody has accepted responsibility, this is normal in our banana republic. The hospital has claimed it did not have funding for proper screening, the Dept of Health have said they never received requests for funding. Making excuses, blaming somebody else is normal in our banana republic.

The hospital knew nine months ago but kept the whole thing hushed up because they claim they wanted to first make a list of all those put at risk. I personally do not believe this. Secrecy is the greatest weapon of the corrupt and incompetent, especially when that secrecy is encouraged by the State itself. If the media had not uncovered this latest scandal it is likely the hospital would have kept the whole thing secret.

As always, it was not a so called State regulatory body that uncovered the scandal. In almost all cases Irish State authorities will cover up corruption and incompetence. It was the media (RTE News) that informed the public. In this banana republic the media, along with a few courageous whistleblowers, is the only source of corruption exposure.

A bill going through our irrelevant and incompetent parliament is set to clamp down on such media exposes. In addition to this latest muzzle on media investigation the State is also planning to give itself the power to close down tribunals of investigation.

In the recent polls, a majority of citizens said they did not think that our Prime Minister should resign because he took money from businessmen while he held a senior ministry.

These people are politically ignorant. They cannot (or will not) see the connection between corrupt politicians/State officials and the enormous damage this corruption eventually does to every level of society.

They cannot see that their ignorance can kill their fellow citizens.

6 thoughts on “Deadly ignorance”

  1. Its difficult to know where to begin with Anthony (deadly ignorant Anthony)
    Anthony you had better realise that not all Irish people are as thick headed and ignorant as yourself when it comes to deciding on who is doing a good job on the Irish political scene. You can take it from me that Bertie Ahern and his team are doing exactly that and the Irish people have given them a strong vote of confidence in the polls which followed the Kennedygate affair. Be in no doubt that they will do so again in May or June or whenever the General Election is held.
    We (the Irish electorate) will not be dictated to by wishy washy West Brits such as yourself or Geraldine Kennedy.
    This whole episode has had a positive outcome as it has galvanised the Irish people into supporting a really good Government and put us on alert for dangerous and treacherous agents such as Ms Kennedy

  2. The above poster indicates the classic ostrich approach to endemic Irish corruption adopted by a large proportion of the electorate.
    I’m sure that the people who may have been infected with Hep C, not the first people to have been infected by the Irish blood service of course, are delighted to know that their health service remains in such good hands.

  3. Democracy seems to be such a disappointment for Anthony, JC Skinner and the others who populate these type of sites. Lads, we only have a limited number of politicians to choose from. Let’s stick with the one’s who are doing a good job as we have vivid memories of what happened in the past when we took a chance on “unknown quantities”
    We couldn’t wait to get them out again but as you know well it may take 5 years. A lot of damage can be done in that time.
    And guys its not just me saying that. according to recent polls.its the Irish electorate. Give democracy a chance. I know some of you would appreciate a little anarchy to judge by your contributions to this site but I my view democracy is totally preferable.
    The Crewser

  4. It is frightening to think that some contributors to this site appear to want to bestow on the Media in Ireland the right to publish what they want, when they want without any form of control. We have seen in recent times (the Kennedygate affair) a total disregard for the Law in this country (shredding of evidence etc) criminal actions being condoned in an attempt to bring down a democratically elected Government.
    What these people are condoning would set us on the road to ruin and anarchy.
    We (the Irish electorate) have been brilliant so far in emphatically rejecting this small minded hooliganism by a minority element intent on destabilising a Government who have done so much to bring peace and prosperity to Ireland.
    The Crewser

  5. Geraldine Kennedy has got a right kick in the arse from the Irish people. She thought she was being especially smart by trying to overthrow Bertie and scupper the Northern peace settlement in the same operation with her Tribunal pal. The plain people of Ireland have been sickened by the West Brit material trotted out every day in this country by Kennedy, Tony O’Reilly and other media maggots and are now reacting to it.
    We recognise who has been working tirelessly to bring about Peace and Stability and who has been sniping from the sidelines.
    There are bright days ahead for this country and there is a need for vigilance to ensure that Geraldine Kennedy and co. do not succeeed in their underhand, treacherous and dangerous activities.
    The Crewser

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