Haughey is a criminal

Charles Haughey, former Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland is a criminal.

One of the most damning facts to emerge from the Moriarty Tribunal that was published today is the fact that Haughey robbed nearly €200,000 from a fund set up to save Brian Lenihan’s life.

I just want to repeat that in my own words – Haughey was the type of individual who robbed money from another human who needed that money for a life saving operation.

Today is a (rare) good day for justice in Ireland

2 thoughts on “Haughey is a criminal”

  1. I don’t think it is a good day for Irish justice. It shows that people covered this up, were let cover it up, waitied until after he died and had a huge state funeral before this came out. A good day for justice would have seen him die in jail. A good day for justice will be when those who assisted him in taking this money and covering this up go to jail.
    No, this is not a good day for justice, it’s saying we know there was a crime committed and we’re going to ignore it. Haughey should have been jailed, and those others involved should go to jail. We should not, as has happened here, wait until after they are dead.

  2. Unfortunately, Haughey is not, technically, a criminal, as he has never been convicted. This is a major disgrace, and an indelible blot on the reputation of the Irish judicial and fiscal system.

    What is so sickening is that Haughey’s victims (Fianna Fail, the Lenihans) bear no grudge and show no desire to see justice done. They seem happy to have been robbed!

    Gordon Davies

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