Secret police force

The various reports from the Morris Tribunal have established that the Irish police force is a corrupt, indisciplined and incompetent organization.

Furthermore, nothing is being done to correct this state of affairs because of what the Irish Independent calls “the debased culture of Irish politics and public service.” Secrecy, the most powerful weapon of a corrupt state, protects these policemen and allows them a free hand to continue with their corrupt practices.

For example, last Wednesday, it was reported that Garda Headquarters refused to disclose details of thirty one police officers who were found guilty of a range of offences before the courts or what specific disciplinary action would be taken against the officers. A garda spokesman said:

“The breakdown figures you seek are not routinely disseminated and as a consequence are not readily available. The amount of time required to assemble these figures is disproportionate to any perceived benefit.”

Clearly, this dismissive statement was issued in the the confident knowledge that no further accountability will be demanded.