Courage and graft

I finally got to see the much praised film The Wind that Shakes the Barley. It brought back the great personal sacrifices that those people made for independence. Death, injury, torture and the loss of family, financial and career opportunities.

One comment in particular caught my attention. Just before one of the principal characters executed a British landlord and one of his own IRA men for informing, he said something like – I hope the country we’re fighting for is worth it.

I wonder what these people would have thought of Bertie Ahern’s recent whine that he was unfairly treated over his prostitution of ministerial office for money from Manchester businessmen.

One thought on “Courage and graft”

  1. Thats a typically snide comment but nothing less than one would expect from this particular source. Obviously nothing has been learned from Geraldine Kennedys failed political assanination attempt on the one person who has more than any other Taoiseach in this great Country of ours managed by courage and graft to bring peace to this land.
    Charlie Haughey and Albert Reynolds may have been instrumental is triggering the process but the spadework that has been done by Bertie Ahern and Tony Blair among others to bring us to the edge of a historical peace.
    The Irish People have told Geradine Kennedy where to get off and I am confident that they will do likewise in Anthony’s case.

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