Yes, Minister

I see Tom Mulcahy, who retired as chairman of Aer Lingus after he was identified in an investigation as having had “tax issues”, and a former boss of AIB, the most corrupt bank in Ireland, has been appointed chairman of the new and powerful Dublin Transport Authority and Railway Procurement Agency by Transport Minister Martin Cullen.

The previous head of RPA, Padraic White, had the audacity to publicly oppose the Minister’s plans to merge DTA and RPA, saying;

“The RPA board did not see the sense nor the logic of that new organisation doing what the RPA was already doing successfully”.

Some might say that Padraic lost his job because he challenged the minister; I think, however, it has more to do with Padraic’s naivety in thinking that sense or logic have anything whatsoever to do with how our little banana republic is governed.