The corrupt pretender

At the very end of Arts Lives on RTE last night we were shown a painting of the corrupt Haughey looking ridiculous sitting on a horse, pretending to be something he never was.

One of the contributors remarked that he looked like a dwarf. I agree; a dwarf in every sense of the word.

5 thoughts on “The corrupt pretender”

  1. Mr Haughey contributed more to the Irish success story than most politicians, particularly those on the Left who are the defenders of the freeloaders and the loafers.
    Small in stature, perhaps but with a big Heart and a passionate belief in Ireland and its people something Anthony and his ilk wouldn’t know anything about.
    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, Anthony

  2. Jaysus crewser you’ve changed yer feckin tune ya bollix. It’s not all that long ago you were spoutin about haughey being a friggin saint. Now you’re saying that he may have been a sinner after all. Make up your mind and above all wake up for feck sake and smell the coffee, that bollix done nothing for Ireland except hold it back twenty years, rob it blind and make a complete sham of the whole establishment. He was a CUNT.

  3. Sean Pea you seem a little confused yourself ok. But your dirty tongue is obviously working fine. I gather you are a De Rossa man from your tone and manner. I recommend that you go back and listen to the Joe Duffy show. You should be able to hear something there that will please you. All the freeloaders and the loafers are entitled to dominate the airwaves on (the Son of Gaybo) show.
    And JC I know you might not like to admid it but he was good value for that and lots more besides if the economy of which he was one of the chief Architects is anything to go by.

  4. Crewser,You have the magic touch,you are able to to define people you know nothing about
    in the couple of lines they write on this web page.
    How do you do it, you know their political stance ,who they listen to on the radio,
    maybe even if they are dating your love Geraldine Kennedy on the sly.
    You sound like the fianna fail foot solider on the doorstep at election time giving out
    the party claptrap,that deep down even they don’t believe.
    Your arrogance astounds me,that you come on here and lecture people time and time again,
    when EVERYONE knows what these corrupt politicians (from all sides) have done to this country.
    Corruption is still rife in this country from local to national level. The people who did it over the
    last 30 years are still in power and will continue in power while blind people like yourself defend
    and vote them back in to power.

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