Defending the leader

The subject matter on last night’s Tonight with Vincent Browne was tribunals.

When Journalist Frank Connolly made the reasonable point that it was only because of the tribunal that we learned of Bertie’s ‘loans’ ‘gifts’ and ‘very unusual’ banking habits’ the usually unflappable Fianna Fail TD, Sean Ardagh lost the run of himself.

With anger and indignation on a par with Ray Burkes infamous ‘line in the sand’ challenge to those who had the temerity to question his credentials Sean defended his leader.

“It is most unfair to have this type of innuendo, rumour, false allegation without anybody being here to defend themselves. It’s the type of stuff that’s going in the papers and that Bertie Ahern has got to subject himself to month after month. Its disgraceful type of journalism, gutter press of the lowest kind…All of the stuff that you’re putting out Frank, it’s totally vitriolic type of rubbish that only a certain few journalists use and are normal with…I just can’t abide the kind of stuff they write.”

Much to my disappointment (but I suspect to Vincent’s relief) the show ran out of time.

5 thoughts on “Defending the leader”

  1. Sean Ardagh was perfectly right Anthony. You always side with the media’s anti Bertie line to try and buttress up some old failed political philosophy. Thankfully the Irish people dont agree with you.

  2. JC you never lost it. At last you’ve come to realise the mans greatness. Better late than never.

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