Voice in the wilderness

As the latest challenge to the Planning Tribunal (now in its 10th year) rumbles along we are constantly assured by our politicians that these tribunals are lancing the boils of past corruption, that all that kind of skullduggery is history due to a raft of powerful new legislation. So what is Cllr. Martin talking about?

I have read reports about controversial zonings and proposals for development in Counties Laois Meath, Wicklow and Kerry.
We have similar controversies here in Co Monaghan.
These Planning Controversies should be an election issue in every constituency. There should be political consequences for the political parties that permit their members in Local Government to engage in bad planning and irresponsible zoning of land.
People should think before voting for political parties that engage in performing favours for individuals rather than acting in the public interest.
I would like to form an alliance with anybody anywhere in the country who is worried about the following:
* The power of elected councillors to zone land for development.
* The pressure on farmers and rural Ireland to be part of the house-building frenzy.
* The destruction of our most beautiful scenic areas.
* Urban Sprawl, whether in Dublin or Galway, Cork, Limerick or elsewhere.
* Traffic Congestion.
* The impact of bad planning and land use zoning on our Quality of Life.
* The poor building standards produced by some in the Construction Industry.
I invite people to contact me.

2 thoughts on “Voice in the wilderness”

  1. Sounds like Cllr. Martin is only reading the Editorial pieces on this Website. He needs to take a more global approach and see the total picture. But seriously he has a point and we should respect our Environment.

  2. On a more serious note the win over England in Croker was something special. Just shows what can be done when shoulders are put to the wheel. Augurs well for the World Cup later in the years. If the improvement continues under Eddie O’Sullivan the Sky is the limit. Reminds me of the Jack Charlton era in Soccer. That really gave the country a lift and helped put us where we are today economically and politically (peace in Northern Ireland) etc.
    The Rugby heroes can be the springboard for a continuation of that.

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