Be very afraid

For some time now Karlin Lillington of the Irish Times has been writing and warning about the State’s draconian data retention laws. Under this legislation the State can retain details, but not the content, of every phone, mobile and fax call for three years.

The legislation was, in the best traditions of a banana republic, imposed rather than by open democratic debate and introduced in virtual secrecy.

Now Digital Rights Ireland is challenging the legislation. According to DRI, this type of monitoring is a breach of Irish citizens’ rights to privacy and is a complete reversal of the assumption that people are innocent until proven guilty.

So, should we be worried? Most certainly, under the legislation the Gardai are making an incredible 10,000 requests a year for access to information on innocent citizens.

It would also be wise to remember that the legislation was introduced by a Justice Minister who has no scruples about leaking confidential police files that can destroy the good name of an innocent citizen.

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  1. How ironic it is that Anthony goes to Geraldine Kennedy’s Irish Times for the definitive position on data retention and then goes on to show concern that the position in relation to “the innocent until proven guilty” concept is under threat. It’s a pity that Geraldine Kennedy did not show a little of that concern when she launched her abortive attempt to overthrow a democratically elected leader a few months ago without checking out all the facts relating to the case.
    Anthony’s tune has changed considerably I must say but I suppose its easy to reverse your position when there is a political point to be made.

  2. hi still trying to get to grips with this keyboard,how ever in the 80s i gave 129 documents to michael keating x lordmayor,i beleive he wrote a book about not long after that,i left school at 12 so u will have to forgive my bad writeing,but i am very good at sourceing information and rembering it,in 1973 march 25 after been lodged in mountjoy on a warrant i was put in with illegal drug dealers thats when drugs first started to come into irish prisons,there was plenty of state prescribed drugs if u wanted them,so because i dident like what was been done to me i objected strongly with the result that i was sent to cork prison on 28 march for my troubles,so what they have in the prisons today society deserves,read the seanad debate on the whitaker report volume 110 4dec,1985,they say its your lifes experiance that forms ones character,plus the people u meet and mix with

  3. so what would been in a padded cell in a straight jacket,been on bread and water been deprived of your nearest and dearest family,made associate with shan mohangiand other murderes etc etc,the only times juveniles who were locked up in portlaoise in the 1960s were srprated from adult inmates was on a sunday during mass,i think it was a social experiament or engineering on working class children by the grey haired men of the day,and when u look at the tribunals today to see what was really going on all those years behind closed doors is it any wonder the country is beginning to look bleek,over all these years i have never once bumped into any of these researchers who are experts on crime and its causes,if it was left to me i would be putting that question to some other watchers of old,donogh o donovan pj burke,and just to let certain power brokers know yes it is a need for review of cases after all normal appeals procedures have been exhausted,there should be a historical complaints unit established in conjunction with the new garda ombudsmans office,but if the same cival servants and their friends and extended family are still in place,then they will continue to reap the rewards of an alleged crime infested society,just check out what an informer is allowed do and get away with their crimes not only that but they get paid as well,what do volountary workers get,slan for the time been,

  4. the post above looks very impressive it has some of my sentiments but alas i dident post it ,but i have no objections to anyone who wants to give a hand in “TRYING”to improve irish quote brian murphys mother mary”OUR CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM IS NOT FACILITATING JUSTICE NOR IS IT FACILITATING TRUTH”SUPT DECLAN COBURN WOULD KNOW ALL ABOUT THAT”?it is alleged THE FAMILY UNIT is the natural and fundamental unit in society and is {ENTITLED }to protection by society and the “STATE”?so how come there are two standards of {JUSTICE}?INTERNAL DEMOCRACY WILL NEVER WORK.”SECRECY”WHICH INVOLVES CLASSIFIED CORRESPONDENCE AND INTERNAL MEMOS”is like studying social issues in “ACADEMIC” are two examples,regarding MORAL DUTY AND DOUBLE STANDARDS?by the use of “CONCEPTS AND PHRASEOLOGY”with the help of the passive cooperation of public and civil servants,michael mc dowell while in his term of office had this to say during dail question time”THE COURTS AREunquote.contrast or “COMPARE”what judge delap had to say about the dept.of justice interfearing in certain court cases?SO WHOS TELLING LIES?A JUDGE A MINISTER?BISHOP MARTIN IS RIGHT THERE NEEDS TO BE A PUBLIC DEBATE ON THE ISSUES OF CRIME AND ITS CAUSES

  5. the real story is to be found at “PUBLIC INQUIRY”under the heading “WATCHING THE WATCHERS”and”UNANSWERED QUESTIONS”what i wrote at the top post which dident print was.michael mcdowell said,THE COURTS ARE SUBJECT ONLY TO THE CONSTITUTION AND THE LAW,INDEPENDENT IN THE EXERCISE OF THEIR JUDICIAL FUNCTIONS AND IT IS NOT OPEN TO ME TO COMMENT OR INTERVENE IN ANY WAY ON THE CONDUCT OR DECISION OF ANY INDIVIDUAL COURT CASE WHICH IS ENTIRELY A MATTER FOR THE PRESIDING point was judge sean delap accused the dept.of justice of interfering in”CERTAIN COURT CASES”and went as far to invite the spokeswoman in the give him a call and he would show her what cases they interfered in.???maybe senator maurice hayes would like to check this is probably true what john dillon wrote some very powerful and scary people who have a vested intrest in keeping things the way they are would be found out if diarmuid martin and other like minded people not only sought a debate on crime and its causes but”DEMANDED ONE”?if serving gardi wont give information or statments to retired gardi with ongoing tribunals,why would the ordinary joe trust them.?slan

  6. whats in the news this week?but before we get into that i would like to know who picks the people that are given the task of drawing up legislation to set up bodies like the standards in public office comission?who puts forward what its “REMIT”can be as to what can be investigated,who sets out the terms and conditions,IS IT POSSIBLE TO FIND OUT IF THERE IS ANY CONFLICT OF INTERESTS,by those who draw up the legislation and those who are tasked to implement it?{incorporated law society complaint 30993}.i felt a bit silly when starting these posts to the web,but when you read in the paper letters sent in by the likes of conor maguire from dublin 4 complaining about sunday tribune reporter diarmuid doyle,i dont feel so bad,he had this to say,that his writings are the ramblings of a very deluded and very confused man,with his crude and factually devoin allegations about the gardi,gaa,muslims.?however the news this week is about people getting rich by slight of hand through tax designation and lands that are designated for urban renewal.a jim curry said according to the media,he was informed by navan urban dist.coincil that land they wanted to purchase from him would be used for a car park,they”THREATENED”him with a compulsory purchase order if he did not sell.{LOCAL GARDI}investigated the land deal that mr curry was “FORCED”to sell to the council,when it transpired that the land was sold on to a company called “ERACASE”by u.d.c. and meath co.council,”NO ACTION WAS TAKEN”?noel dempsey was the then environment minister,he {INSTRUCTED}a “SENIOR OFFICIAL”in {HIS}department to access the land deal which was in {DISPUTE}this officials report stated there was no “BASIS”for a formal inquiry.”THE GOOD GUY”involved in this dispute {P.I.BILLY FLYNN}was tried for alleged theft of a “FILE”.mr flynn stated at his trial that companies or individuals “ASSOCIATED”with meath, got council land worth four million for 98.000.while the likes of this goes on all around the country,you have the sad case of a young man”KEVIN FITZPATRICK”who was FORCED by”CIRCUMSTANCES”to sleep in a wheelie bin in limerick?”WHERE HE WAS CRUSHED TO DEATH IN THE REFUSE LORRY”YES BE VERY AFRAID OF THE EVIL FORCES AT WORK.slan .

  7. CIRCUMSTANCES?IT IS A KNOWN FACT THAT ILLITERATES ARE INCAPABLE OF WRITING ABOUT THEIR PERSONAL MEMORIES AND EXPERIENCES.NOT LIKE ALL THOSE WHO CAUSED THE SETTING UP OF ALL THE MANY TRIBUNALS WE HAVE TODAY.just to quote caroline twohig after doing a tv series about mountjoy female prison,”THE DOCHAS CENTRE””THEY THE INMATES TELL SOME PRETTY TRAUMATISING STORIES,IT STAYS IN YOUR MIND AND STICKS WITH YOU{YOU WONDER WHAT CHANCE SOME OF THEM HAD WITH THE START THEY HAD IN LIFE?}”MS TWOHIG BELIEVES PEOPLES PERCEPTIONS WILL CHANGE AS A RESULT OF SEEING THOSE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE LAW,THE EXPERIENCE OPENED MY EYES AND CHANGED MY PERCEPTIONS.un quote.PERCEPTIONS,CIRCUMSTANCES,”THE PAST IS FOR HISTORIANS?ADVERSITY BINDS HUMANS{STRANGERS}BETTER THAN PROSPERITY.?IT SEEMS TO ME THAT MATTERS OF SOCIAL CONCERN AND PUBLIC INTEREST WASENT MUCH CARED ABOUT IN you can have an honorary degree of doctors {OF LAWS}conferred on you if you have enough money and the right connections?this happened to margaret heffernan reputed to be worth 745million and the best of luck to her and her family,she made a speech according to the media,SHE DESPITE ALL HER WEALTH WANTS TO BE REMBERED AS A “WIFE AND MOTHER”HER OWN MOTHER AND FATHER NEVER LOST SIGHT OF {WHERE THEY CAME FROM}but it is what she had to say about education that got me thinking,”SHE VERY MUCH BELIEVES IN EDUCATION”i was at a debs in ballyfermot last week when the subject of education came up{VERY TRUE IN BALLYFERMOT}a”MOTHER”from the north inner city{YES NORTH INNER CITY}was telling me how hard it was and the amount of obstales that were been put in her sons way in trying to go to college{MONEY}been the biggest burden,i tild her that if she aired her “PLIGHT”on the joe duffy radio show i would ring in to support her,hopefully she does also hopefully her son is not put off by lifes circumstances?I AM MORE THAN SHURE THE PUBLIC IS VERY AWARE WHAT IT COSTS TO KEEP THE PRISONERS THAT COME FROM THE NORTH AND SOUTH INNER CITY IN PRISON?SO OVER THE YEARS YOU HAD SUPPOSED LAWS TO COVER TRANSPARENCY,ACCOUNTABILITY,DUE PROCESS,DELAY,AND ABOVE ALL SAFEGUARDS AGAINST CLASS BIAS?”THE CORRUPTION OF SILENCE”?which brings me to my final RANT of the day,because it has to do with the {GREY HAIRED MEN}i have been writing about for over 40 years now,so regarding the grey haired men and sinister events that have been carried out against the working class “ORDINARY”people “WILL THERE EVER BE A DEFINITIVE ACCOUNT OF ALL PAST AND PRESENT HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES IN IRELAND”?is there any more WHISTLE BLOWERS?i personally couldnt give a toss how much frank dunlop recived into untraceable accounts to be spread around with certain grey and not so grey”CRONIES”{ASSOCIATES}but i do care and can rember what was done to me and my family in 1991by the so called courts of {CIVIL}justice,and”THE GREY HAIRED MEN THAT RUN THE SYSTEM”AND THEN THE QUESTION IS ASKED ABOUT THE CAUSES OF CRIME?THE ANSWER IS OUT THERE BUT THOSE WHO ARE MAKING BILLIONS FROM IT”THE SYSTEM”DONT WANT AN ANSWER????????A YOUNG LAD WHO HAS HIS HEART SET ON GOING TO COLLEGE CANT GO BECAUSE OF {FUNDING}AS STATED TO ME BY HIS MOTHER,BUT YET THE GREY HAIRED MEN WILL SPEND MILLIONS TO LOCK KIDS UP?IT HAS NEVER MADE SENCE TO ME AND I “SHOULD KNOW”slan

  8. hi again im not one bit surprised that no experts have come across this site?if they have nobody seems to have any questions to ask or contribute.but in the papers{AND I DONT BELEIVE EVERYTHING IN THE MEDIA PRINT OR BROADCAST}frank dunlop stated that a developer john corcoran made a contribution to the late brian lenihan,and brian it is alleged made overtures to the then taoiseach c.j.haughey,to “GRANT TAX DESIGNATION”to mr corcorans development?then you have bishop diarmuid martin saying the irish governments reaction to a debate on crime “IS WEAK”?the bishop said also that gordan browns approach to crime prevention was the right one.the bishops proposal for a national summit on crime prevention was turned down by both the taoiseach and justice minister brian lenihan jnr.?it is my {HONEST}opinion that brian lenihan and bertie ahern are only “FIGURE HEADS”for the grey haired men who wield the “REAL POWER”so is it or can it be true what margret murphy from bray had to say in a letter to the daily mail 2797.WE ONLY HAVE OURSELVES TO BLAME,”THE CROOKS AND KILLERS ON OUR STREETS ARE A{MIRROR IMAGE}OF OUR LEADERS,EVERY BODY FEATHERING THEIR OWN NESTS {AND TO HELL WITH LAWS AND MORALS}?end of letter.IT A BIT LIKE THE OLD ADAGE”DO AS I SAY AND NOT AS I DO”THERE IS ONE OF YOUR CAUSES THAT BREEDS CRIME AND CRIMINALS.ALL THOSE GOING BEFORE TRIBUNALS HAVE THE MANTRA I DID NOTHING WRONG


  10. old garda complaints board vs new garda omsbudsman commission and change?what top ranking garda once said”if you dont have common sense you have nothing”?or is it the case that common sense is not so common at all in professions where authority and power are arbitary.?whe those who enspouse common sense use their arbitary power to abuse citizens of this state by false and malicious allegations or {information}by “their”paid informers ,it is time to have a national debate on crime and its causes.older comments 75,by angery?why are the powers that be afraid to have an open debate ?WILL THEY CITE SECURITY REASONS?so people wont find out what informers are really allowed get away with and get paid into the bargain.?the person who made the above quote has such “INFORMANTS”he probably also has family working in other government departments where power,secrecy,and information is money and promotion if they do as their told ,by the grey haired men.has fr.joe young in limerick just discovered this?or has he known all along, that nice fancy eulogies at mass like the ones judges and the so called cream of society attend every year before the “LEGAL TERM”starts?maybe father young will also appear on this weeks late late.?and to finish berties not to blame for todays crime and causes,but he does share the responsibility of the way the “SYSTEM”is unfairly and unjustly run.things are really bad when 70and 80 year olds are arrested under sec.30 .so bishop martin get the debate going before its too late.slan

  11. is it a fact or fiction that there is a two tier society in ireland?why is it that high profile victims get v.i.p.status while those from a working class background are treated as not important enough to be given the same help and supports or”STATUS”?a labour senator at the morris tribunal said laws should be applied fairly,yet when he was questioned as to how our LEGAL democracy really worked he said”LETs NOt go TOO DEEPLY INTO THaT TYPE OF SITUATION ?”so how does irish democracy {REALLY WORK}?well politicians want to now show the public how democracy and our irish parliament is supposed to has started off with chief whip of a political party,tom kitt saying trying to get reform in the dail is fact he was referring to “HORSETRADING”?he {COMPARES}the way other parliaments operate,with the result enda kenny said the people are entitled to see democracy in action?i personally was wondering was that the “GUN TO THE HEAD POLICY”we read and hear about.the democracy that politicians as well as public servants have been brainwashing us with for yeras on the surface seems to be false?interpretation and perception are funny concepts,why.well because all those v.i.p.s. that go before tribunals are saying its all lies what is been said and written about them?for instance who from the upper and professional classes beleives that in order to do business in ireland it is necessary to bribe politicians and public servants in order to survive?and in reality how many from the lower classes who tried to earn a liveing in the business world were swallowed up?equality???so since a chief whip belives in the principle of “COMPAREING”like with like, may i humbly suggest that a bill in relation to”LYING TO DISCREDIT A MESSENGER”be brought before the dail.after all according to our constitution we the public elect our politicians to represent our and our families best interests?”NOT THEIRS”but looking at all the tribunals as i have mentioned before it is most certainly not the people from working class backgrounds who recived the best of public representation since the foundation of this irish republic?if mr kitt was compareing the british way of doing parliamentry bussiness in relation to REFORM,he might want to consider the above bill which i understand is called”the misrepresentation of the peoples act{PROHIBITION OF DECEPTION} public representatives on matters of”SUBSTANCE”for instance brian lenihan min for justice on the one hand says that ireland is a free country,on the other hand when he speaks about the present judge carney controversy in relation to legal democracy and our legal system he feels the DEBATE should be closed at this stage?somebody asked in the letter column of todays mail “IS THERE NO BRAVE HEARTS IN IRISH DEMOCRACY”ACCOUNTABILITY ANSWERS THAT AS IT DOES ALL OTHER QUESTIONS.INCLUDING CRIME AND ITS CAUSES.slan.

  12. be what you are and not what i would have you be,for the you that i want ,would not be you but a stranger to me and all i hold true,for their none better than you are now or could ever hope to be ,fortune shines on those who are themselves and not the “PROJECTED IMAGE”of the desires of its good to see bishop willie walsh say”i am perfectly sure that the church holding{LOTS}of land for itself is not in any way part of the gospel”.its a pity the two other ps we learnt about growing up dont do the same,thats politicians and police,{THE THREE PS}who dominate irish society?the poem above could relate to anyone, but lately politicians have decided to let school children see democracy in action a new pr exercise in promoting a good IMAGE of the three ps.but it is really bureaucracy that the public should be thought about and how it works.for example will the same politicians enable working class communities and those from such backgrounds,protection from abuses by government,their agents,against malicious allegations?are they going to change the system of the rich powerful connected articulate well educated vs the uneducated,unconnected,underprivleged?i missed world blogger day 15 oct.maybe thats because i was observing HUMANKIND or the lack off ,like judge carney sauntering into the dail pass two hunger strikers as if they were human waste,one carted off in an ambulance.he wasent the only one, there was plenty of no doubt “MASS GOING CHRISTIANS”with their ever so posh accents who also turned a “BLIND EYE”to the human garbage on hunger strike outside the this and the following will not i imagine be part of the campagin of teaching the nation”DEMOCRACY IN ACTION”?a garda thomas noonan claims he is been {VICTIMISED}and the garda commissioner is trying to sack him?garda noonans wife,according to the media,wrote a complaint to the garda ombudsman commission outlining a series of serious “ALLEGATIONS”against serving members of the force.this apparently all stems from the garda doing his job in a fair and “EQUAL”manner,when he stopped a car that was been used by the then minister for justice ,now ceann comhairle john o donoghue in 2000 for is understood the ministers wife,children.and a friend were in the car at the time.{IM SHURE THE GUARD KNOWS WHO WAS IN IT}the minister was supposed to say the state car is EXEMPT from normal limits?at some stage after this incident judge carroll moran issued an arrest warrant against garda noonan when he failed to turn up to give evidence in an appeal against a conviction in an alleged drink driving charge.?SO IS HYPOCRISY TRULY THE FATHER OF ALL VICTORIES?and was the gardas naivety doing his job that he swore an oath too the mother of all defeats?it seems to me that what that guard learnt in templemore was what i learned in school,A FALSE REALITY ABOUT THE REAL WORLD.a bit like the fulfillment of election pledges?slan

  13. another murder in dublin?john daly junior was a master of manipulation and intimidation so says mark dooley daily mail 23107.there is thousands of words printed about him in all other media and broadcast i will quote the words of an english politician author norman baker who said “DO THEY KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HOW THE ESTABLISHMENT WORKS?”he of course was referring to the british establishment and its ways around the abandonment of proper procedures and safeguards essential in establishing the truth.”THE REAL TRUTH”but it could also refer to any institution in ireland the media,politics,church,etc.also in the mails letter column under the heading “COURTS WALL OF SILENCE”you have a person who feels he was done an injustice by the courts wall of silence or as i call it “TURNING A BLIND EYE”so the sooner the better the ombudsman{amendment}bill 2007 is passed,which would bring the courts services administration under the remit of emily o is about time all other inefficient,unaccountable,bloated,fifdoms were also under the ombudsmans remit,the dept of justice been brings to mind other countries and what goes on there in so called high society.the casa pia orphanage in portugal,shure isent that where all the leaders of the new europe met re-the new constitution?then you had the marc dutroux case that revealed a sordid picture of judicial and political corruption and as one reporter said “the victims were left to wallow in their misery of drink ,drugs, death,because of their experiences.which brings me back to the murder of john daly which the media states was born in 1980,there was thousands of children born in finglas and other working class areas in 1980,is there any background research to show how or why the john daleys of this world come about? it seems to me that even going back further in time you will find as you do today that working class children were and are used as prison and institutional fodder.criminal courts vs tribunals?how many former ministers of justice that have gone before the tribunals have been shown to be corrupt?if this society that has turned a blind eye to wrong doing over many many years wants a better society,like the peace process then its time to have the {OPEN}debate on crime and its causes that diarmiid martin is asking for .is there such a concept as objective bias?slan

  14. so now we know how the law really applies to irish citizens?or should that be how existing laws can be specifically changed to suit certain citizens?changeing existing legislation by inserting special clauses is fine if the same is done retrospectively to benefit the ordinary joe soap.we have been told by the person who gained from the recent special change in the already existing legislation that,what happens with laws is that people find anomalies and flaws and they fix them-“ITS AS SIMPLE AS THAT”?i now hope that john gormley can do the same for all those and their extended family that applied to buy their flats in the 1980s with the encouragement of the then dublin dosent suprise me how swift the government moved to change the laws of the land when it involved one of their own.the same applies to judges frank clarke and peter kelly both who heard from me over the years ,but when it came to the banks and the law society they also moved very swiftly in the cases of thomas byrne and michael lynn?this debacle has also arisen because of a change of law to suit the rich and powerful,that change of law that happened years ago enabled solicitors and banks to avoid checks and balances required to secure title when mortgaging residential property.EVER NOTICE HOW ALL AGREEMENTS AND CONTRACTS ALWAYS SUITS THE BIG BOYS?and not the little i hope to see “MR INTEGRITY”john gormley get a change in the existing legislation for the little people who applied to buy their flats in 1989.he can then say the greens in government makes change in ordinary people lives for the better.?then again if it is a case of those who allow dark deeds to be committed in pursuit of power,like the accusations against john bruton who it is alleged put enormous pressure on jim higgins to back off raising issues on behalf of the mc brearty family,john bruton agreed according to the media,at the morris tribunal that a member of the garda complaints board “dermot o callaghan”had WARNED him that jim higgins “BETTER”be careful of allegations been made against gardi in donegal,and for higgins to contact o callaghan.there is a special club in ireland and the only people allowed join are those who are cuturally incapable of admitting mistakes.{I WOULD LOVE TO GET A LOOK AT THEIR MEMBERSHIP BOOK}it probably comes under the official secrets act?how many more dermot o callaghans are out there in positions of power and influence?the causrs of crime,objective bias,i wonder.slan

  15. its a world wide social problem drugs and how do you frighten the public into supporting ever-increasing powers,that really only benefits governments and their elitist cronies who are mostly exempt from whatever laws they may enact.solicitor john hennessy calls for a crime forum to be established so too does diarmuid martin but the powers that be for some unknown reason does not seem to think such a forum for debate is necessary?????????????.could mr hennessy not start a debate online?maybe then we will all be able to see “THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY?”a bit like the book high society which r.t.e dident seem to do enough FACT-CHECKING,should a forum on crime and its causes be a legalistic,scientific,or social debate?how can you expect those who are disconnected from the reality of the lives of the people who the public read and hear about on the news every day of the week in relation to crime be expcted to come up with viable solutions?its like asking a tree surgeon to carry out a heart i look forward to the reaction of criminal sociology experts and those involved in the irish legal system to john hennessys and diarmuid martins vain call for a forum to debate crime its causes and cures if any,is it all about smoke and mirrors?slan.

  16. i have been a”willdover”for many a year and i spent all my money on friends and my peers.SHUSH NOW,dont try to write a song you know nothing about.ok i will tell a joke that done the rounds in the courts in the 70s.judge o huadhaigs of the district court had a reputation in his day it is alleged that one day in particular he was quite annoyed with a gougher in the back of his court,he summoned the court sergeant to the bench and told him in a stern manner to tell the gougher at the back of the court to stop “masticating”at once,the sergeant like a bull went up to the gouger in question and demanded him “to take his hands out of his pockets”and thats how the law operated on the 4th of december 1974.shush now and queing seems to be part and parcel of working class peoples every day lives,so in order to try and push forward the forum or debate d.martin and j.hennessy are looking for re-crime i would suggest to brian lenihan and those from the political and legal class to refrain from any interference in the mahon tribunal or any other tribunal for that matter.the reason been if the new justice minister really and truly wants to find out how todays society came about he only has to read nell mcCaffertys book “IN THE EYES OF THE LAW”.a much better read i would imagine than high society the alleged?coke habits of the well connected.slan.

  17. hi there and a happy and peaceful christmas to everyone,even those unelected elite and evil forces that govern this small country,those same elite who are associated with political parties and whos impartiality is supposed to be accepted in matters of ,data protection,law enforcement,EQUAL RIGHTS,health,education,law,natural justice,and above all drugs policy?these same elite bureaucrats whos blind loyalty is driven by manic power and money,have created a society so unequal that the only way out seems to be drink,drugs,crime murder,suicide,.it has got to a point for those who feel left behind,that the powers that be wont even allow the archbishop of dublin diarmuid martin a platform to discuss the TRUE CAUSES of a society in denial and despair.these same elite who govern in secrecy and who enspouse “COMMON SENSE”sometimes like this week end up in the news by doing the complete opposite to what they preach to the public?one law for the rich and powerful,punishment and misery for the underclass.slan.

  18. william geary was once a garda,but it took him from 1934 to 2004 to get some kind of justice from this irish stste.garda fallons file is under lock and key for over thirty years thanks to a detention order from the taoiseachs department.the barron inquiry has yet to make sense to those it means most too.the reason there is so many tribunals and their vast costs is because of the culture of secrecy.and today you have the same state secrecy causing untold pain and suffering to the dunne family from wexford.why is it allowed??????whoever it is that makes the overall decision in these matters should be the first name at the top of any file or letter to show what kind of person or persons who make decisions that affect other peoples lives and by extension their health and wellbeing.every person that makes a decision or ruleing that affects another human beings life and wellfare should have their name on such documents,and not be allowed to pass the file from one department to another,so by the time the letter or file reaches its intended target,nobody knows who the original instigator was?WATCH THIS SPACE ,brian nugent b.a. co.meath?slan.

  19. nice to see president mcaleese promoting understanding of the needs of the socially excluded,and by extension those with mental health problems?her speech about a republic thats dedicated to exalting the DIGNITY of EACH human being sounds great,hope it dosent take another 25 years for the powers that be to implement the present day recommendations?will there be a delegation from fatima mansions brought to limerick to inform the people of limerick what to expect from their promised regrenation?who do so many young people from deprived areas suffer from persecutory thoughts?why are the same communities so cynical about agencies that are supposed to help them,when they most need help?social disadvantage,exclusion,forgotten,abandoned,left out,by years of neglect by most of those and their friends who go before all the tribunals of today.joined up public services,out of hours social work services,why have these things never been put in place?is it because of a smiley on the computer that says “YOUR BEEN WATCHED”disable?i might ask a sweetman why the state has such a bad record in implementing certain recommendations that were made over these past 44 years,and were yet very selective in what they did implement,or were forced to by public opinion?i should probably refer that question to the members of the parliamentary assembly.when the regeneration of limerick starts should the children suffer for the alleged sins of the father,mother,uncle,aunt,brother,sister,and would the innocent need a certificate of eligibility?after watching the fallon documantry and seen nothing whatsoever in the following days papers one can only wonder?slan

  20. so now catherine nevin wants to get her hands on the “suspect history antecedent files{forms}of people that gave evidence in her trial who she says were high level state informants?does her case warrant “exceptional circumstances”is she and many others the victims of bias and procedural unfairness?by those that are allowed to carry out and conduct illegal activities on behalf of the state and their agencies?what technical amendments are carried out with documents that are subject of court discovery orders?who has the final decision in the matter of major public interest?manipulation of information the use of dodgy or frabicated evidence the culture of secrecy and cover ups the cold and callous barbaric uncivilised behaviour of highly educated people who should know better and the worse of the lot is those who turn a blind eye because they are more than likely of the same CLASS.political,legal,ruleing,relegious,business,and now the arts,slan

  21. Thought i would hop on to public inquiry for one last rant.Its about empathy and indifference in relation to crime.Two[of the many]tragic deaths in limerick two different responses.I can only imagine
    that the sentments of Fr.Pat Hogan and Fr.Joe Young of limerick would be “do unto others as we would have done unto ourselves”.To quote Joe Higgins again,if a vicious indifference toward fellow human beings characterises those who commit acts of savagery on our streets,it is a distorted reflection of the same contempt that drives the behaviour of many institutions and individuals who dominate society.unquote,Now the big picture Where was the horror anger outrage when a homelessman got crushed to death in a refuse lorry becaused he was forced by this society to sleep in a wheeliebin?Who brought his tragic death up in the Dail?Who held a minutes silence for his tragic soul?The big picture gets even bigger when dealing wit every aspect of the legal system.Witness intimidation,Bernard Kinsella done his “civic duty”but claims he was FORCED to give a witness statment,Forced to give evidence with the result he was left with no hope,no wife,no job,no home,no money,what he knew as a normal life is gone,he also said he was left out to dry by the state.On the other hand following on from”urlingford”you have an informant Kieran Boylan who seems to have been well looked after by certain “agents”of the state because of the “information”he possesses about the same state agents?And in the Dail as well as everywhere else that deals with security matters ,you cant get the idiotic grins and laughter off the faces of those who spout their rhetoric about crime.So before these self serving elite who try to manage the country start preaching to the public about Patriotic Duty and Civic Patriotism they and their cronies would want to show the ordinary joe soap what the big picture is “really about”and how the system TRULY works.A tragic crime is a tragic crime no matter who the citizen but the responses seem to be different if your an US and not THEM.slan

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